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Oil Sands

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Daimler To Stop Battery Production At Li-Tec, House approves Keystone XL pipeline
    EIA Predicts More Ethanol Next Year, Shorter Oil Supply In Coming Years; EV Interface Controller now available 1416344280

    Andromeda Interfaces has launched its Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC), which displays and allows the user to visualize various vehicle systems. Users can monitor their EVs battery usage, motor controllers and vehicle charging. The EVIC gathers various data - voltage, cell ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Porsche 911 hybrid possible, Ecocruise EVs coming soon
    Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell Test Car Hits 300,000 Kilometers; Transport & Environment Criticizes EU's Fuel Quality Directive 1412863200

    The next-generation Porsche 911 could use hybrid power, according to Porsche CEO Matthias Muller. "There is no reason against it and we will see if we have some reasons to do it," Muller says of the model due around 2018. He also suggests that hybrid technology could eventually make its way into ...

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    Read This: Tar Sands vs. EVs

    It's pretty common knowledge - especially if you're the type to regularly visit sites such as AutoblogGreen and its ilk - that it's simply cheaper to drive a mile on electrical power than on gasoline. We also know that it is inefficient to convert oil sands into usable fuel relative to other ...

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    Read This: Canadian government to spend $22 million on green washing tar sands

    Apparently, the oil companies strip mining Alberta, Canada for its bitumen don't have money for a green-washing PR campaign. Lucky for them, the Harper government is ready to spend $22 million on their behalf this year. We guess the savings that were realized by destroying libraries full of ...

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    Study: University of Maryland study reiterates Peak Oil threat

    Just because gas prices have been steadily declining since March doesn't mean we should all get comfortable with the idea of lower refueling costs and a dependable fuel supply. In fact, a University of Maryland study titled "Economic Vulnerability to Peak Oil" pushes the panic button a bit. The ...

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    Report: 'Snake Oil' author says history should remind us of fracking's 'false promise'

    At least one author is warning consumers not to be fooled by relatively steady gas prices and prognostications of plentiful petroleum. Richard Heinberg, in his book Snake Oil: How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future is warning people that any prediction that the world has ...

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    Report: True cost of oil: ExxonMobil pipeline spills in Arkansas

    The controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would deliver tar sands oil mined in Alberta, Canada to Texas for cleanup and then return it to Canada has a number of serious issues and points of contention. Among the debates going on in Washington are which route would be used and what, exactly, are ...

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    Official: Broad coalition working against ethanol, says it's "worse than tar sands"

    Another round of fighting has started over whether E15 – a blend of ethanol (15 percent) and gasoline (85 percent) – should be adopted nationwide. The latest jab comes from Scott Faber, a lobbyist for Environmental Working Group, who says that, as far as greenhouse gasses go, ethanol ...

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    Study: Oil supply will be 'less tight' than expected

    Ah, just what a bunch of V8-starved Americans need to hear. An International Energy Agency (IEA) report released last week says that the combination of weak global economies, increased oil supply from the Americas and better extraction technology will make oil "somewhat less tight over the ...

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    Petrol crisis thriller "Fumes" makes statement, looks for backers

    "The UK's fuel supply has run out and the country is coming apart at the seams... Jared must escape London to reach his wife and child. He siphons the petrol from his own car to prevent it from being stolen, but just as he is getting ready to leave, there is a knock at the door... It's an old ...

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    Keystone XL Pipeline decision pushed back to 2013

    After spending several years carefully reviewing the application from TransCanada for the permit necessary to run its Keystone XL pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada to the refineries and ports along the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. Department of State has finally announced a decision. It ...

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    China's Qaidam oil sands test a-okay, daily crude production could reach 700 tons

    Oil sand samples obtained from the Yousha Mountain in the Qaidam basin located in the northwestern region of China have been sampled, tested and deemed "feasible" for further development and exploration. As the China Petroleum Daily reports, samples contain a high percentage of clean oil that ...

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    Corn ethanol industry strikes back against greenhouse gas emission charge

    Earlier this year, the EPA criticized ethanol because it has a negative environmental balance of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to gasoline obtained from crude oil (read their report here). As there's rarely an attack without pushback, the Renewable Fuels Association has decided ...

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    Reasons to quit: Millions of gallons leaking from oil sands tailings ponds daily

    Just in case you needed another reason to cut back on your gasoline consumption, you might consider the pollution catastrophe we are creating in Canada, America's main oil supplier. A new report (PDF) released by Environmental Defense, using industry figures, estimates that tailings ponds created ...

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    Oil sands projects bogging down

    The recent drop in oil prices, in combination with the failing economy, is taking a toll in the development of Canadian oil sands. Because of low labor productivity and increasing costs, the Canadian-based industry is finding it increasingly difficult to compete in the global marketplace. Poor ...

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    Saudi Arabia to begin pumping on Khurais oil field shortly

    Saudi Aramco's core area in Dhahran cityThe world's insatiable demand for petroleum is about to cause more drilling and pumping in Saudi Arabia, as the country is set to begin setting up shop on the Khurais oil field. A ten-billion dollar investment will be made which is expected to allow the ...

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    U.S. mayors call for oil sands boycott

    Oil sands mining transforms the landscape Photo: David Dodge, Pembina InstituteAmerican mayors attending their annual meeting in Florida this week adopted a resolution that "supports federal legislation that prohibits government use of unconventional or synthetic fuels" derived from CO2-intensive ...

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    Former Saudi Aramco executive says oil reserves claims wrong

    All sorts of people have been weighing in on the price-of-oil situation lately. Could the current price be a bubble waiting to burst or is it reflective of flat production levels mixed with the rising demand from India and China? If former Saudi Aramco executive, Sadad Al-Husseini, is right, $130 ...

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    Honda passes the 60 million Cub mark

    Honda's amazing little Cub, which started life with a tiny little four-stroke engine of just 50ccs, continues to build on its record of the most popular vehicle in the world. Just how many tiny-engined Hondas could there be in the world, you ask? How about sixty million. That's certainly a ...

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    Big Oil launches counteroffensive

    With all the attention being paid to alternative fuels, it is not surprising that Big Oil should launch a PR counteroffensive. The American Petroleum Institute (API), advertising itself as "the People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry," is running a new TV ad, Delivering America's Energy ...


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