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    Official: Australia's Sunswift claims new EV distance speed world record
    Solar Panels Were Switched Off During 311-Mile Attempt 1406231880

    With a name like Sunswift, optimism must abound. So let's start with the fact that the team behind it has built a great looking solar-powered car. And Australia has plenty of road and more than enough sun, the pieces are coming together. Australia's University of New South Wales first put ...

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    Official: EnerDel electrifies trikes in the Philippines

    Boracay is certainly a long way from Indiana. But business is business, and EnerDel has found some on that island in the Philippines. And, to quote the hip-hop lexicon, there's some three-wheeled motion to boot. The Indianapolis-based company reached what it says is a "long-term" agreement with ...

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    Report: Philippines wants 1M EVs by 2020

    The say everything is better in the Philippines, and soon that tourist-agency tagline might also apply to traffic on the tropical islands. What is now a somewhat dirty, noisy situation in its larger metro areas could be cleaner and quieter if the goal of one million electric vehicles (EVs) by ...

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    Report: It takes 15,000 EVs to Tango in Auckland, apparently

    Tall and skinny, it can take a while to get used to the looks of the Tango electric car. It doesn't look like anything else on the road, but there are also very few of them to catch your eye. The residents of Auckland, New Zealand might soon get plenty of chances to recognize the tiny two-seater, ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf puts the Guam in going global

    It took a while, but chalk up another island conquest for the Nissan Leaf. The world's best-selling electric vehicle has made it to Guam, and the reaction there is apparently quite warm. A Nissan dealer on Guam offered test drives in the car earlier this month, and people were eager to test it ...

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    Motorsports: Radical ELMOFO races toward competition Down Under [w/video]

    Racing Green Endurance proved an electrified Radical SR8 could be tough when they drove one from Alaska to Argentina. Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) proved it could be fast, setting records on the Nürburgring and at Pikes Peak. Now, an Australian outfit wants to demonstrate that ...

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    Evans Electric unveils monster in-wheel motor Down Under

    Egg cookery is slow cookery, or so says my Mom. Apparently it shares this trait with in-wheel electric motor cookery. We first told you about a certain in-wheel motor under development back in 2010 which, at the time, had been already been in the frying pan for three years. Fast forward to now ...

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    Official: UM's solar race team builds Generation, the 'ultimate electric vehicle,' for World Solar Challenge

    The University of Michigan has built a vehicle just about any green-car enthusiast would appreciate, except maybe those from Ohio State University. Last week, U of M unveiled its "Generation" solar-powered electric vehicle that it is entering in Australia's World Solar Challenge. The team ...

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    Report: Australia university researchers more than double EV battery capacity

    When your country boasts a fairly desolate area called the "Outback" that's about 1,800 miles wide, driving range is paramount. Researchers at Australia's University of Wollongong appear to have that in mind as they develop an electric-vehicle battery that can provide more than twice the ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf gets big price drop, like $15,000 big, in Australia

    A few months and one hemisphere later, Nissan has gotten around to cutting the price of its all-electric Leaf in Australia. The Japanese automaker has reduced the Leaf price down under to $39,990 AUD (US $40,700), or about $15,000 AUD less than it was charging when the model debuted in Australia ...

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    Official: Giant kite, Evonic technologies help Wind Explorer EV cross Australia

    Turns out, you can drive a unique electric vehicle all the way across Australia on less than $15 worth of electricity. You just need some kite assistance (or, yes, solar power). The Wind Explorer that made this trek is now on display at Evonik's New Jersey office, since the company worked on the ...

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    Report: Renault's Australian EV launch delayed by Better Place issues

    Better Place continues to be a bit of a misnomer as issues with the electric-vehicle battery-switching network have delayed Renault's plans to debut its Fluence Z.E. electric vehicle in Australia, Car Advice reports. Renault, whose EV is designed to allow for battery swapping, was originally ...

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    Two Wheels: Catavolt brings electric motorcycle battle to Australian streets [w/video]

    The Catavolt team has been developing its unique electric motorcycle drivetrain whilst duking it out on racetracks Down Under in the eFX/TTXGP championship for the past couple years. Now, they are bringing the battle to the Australian streets, announcing that the first Catavolt S6 street bike has ...

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    Official: Lexus will unveil hybrid sports coupe Down Under

    Add another model to the list of hybrids with north of 400 horsepower. The Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) has announced that Lexus will unveil a hybrid supercoupe at the show in October, as Toyota's luxury badge joins the list of automakers looking to make more high-powered hybrid ...

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    Official: All-electric Holden sets 'unofficial' 24-hour record with 1,172 miles

    G'day, mate. And a mighty long one. A battery-electric Holden Commodore set what its builders say is an unofficial record for miles driven purely on electric power over the course of 24 hours. Australia-based EV Engineering said that the Holden (the brand is General Motors' Australian division) ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf goes on sale in Australia for a cool $52,000

    A year-and-a-half after it came to the U.S. and Japan, the Nissan Leaf is finally available in Australia, and at quite a price. Available now at 13 Nissan dealers across Australia, the all-electric car will cost $51,500 Australian dollars ($52,400 U.S. at today's exchange rates). Yowza. Even ...

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    Video: Chevy Volt escapes the zombie horde

    Did you know the Chevrolet Volt can outrun a gaggle of slow-rambling zombies? Did you know that even in an apocalyptic wasteland, beautiful women will drive freshly washed cars? These are two of the messages in a new ad (of sorts) for the plug-in hybrid that was created by Josh Soskin for the ...

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    Two Wheels: Taiwan plans battery swapping stations and free-use electric motorcycles

    Think of it as Better Place lite. The Taiwan government and utility companies have plans to help build 60 battery swapping stations for electric motorcycles – and by "electric motorcycles," they mean either electric scooters and/or electric motorcycles – and make 600 of the ...

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    Varley gets specific about evR450 electric supercar

    To mark the 125th Anniversary of Varley Electric Vehicles, the Australian company shifted from its long history of golf-cart-like utility vehicles to something completely different: the evR450 electric supercar. The car was revealed at the end of October at the Australian Electric Vehicle ...

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    Report: GM considering a plug-in Chevy Cruze

    The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco is rated at 42 mpg on the highway, but new reports suggest that we may soon find out just how many MPGe a plug-in version would get. Australia's Go Auto spoke with GM's Jim Federico, who said that a PHEV Cruze is indeed in the cards. Astute readers will note that ...


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