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Plug In Conference

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    Exclusive: Plug In 2014: BMW i DC Fast Charger is poised to change the EV game
    Interoperability, Ease-Of-Use Are Key Factors For Plug-In Vehicle Adoption 1407441480

    It looks like it's just a blue box on a pole, but BMW's new i DC Fast Charger represents a much bigger deal than just the lowest-cost SAE Combo Charger on the market. BMW sees it as the key to getting more drivers into electric vehicles. As Robert Healey, the EV infrastructure manager for BMW of ...

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    Exclusive: All the details on Plug In 2014 electric vehicle conference you could ever want
    Listen In On Almost Five Hours Of Discussion On EVs and PHEVs 1407279360

    One of the best parts of the Plug In 2014 Conference in San Jose, CA last week was getting to listen in on thoughts about the state of the plug-in vehicle industry from people who have been involved with it for ages. They bristle when you call them the "Old Guard" (learned that one the hard way), ...

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    Exclusive: Plug In 2014: ALTe ready to join Ford's EQVM to convert, sell F-150 PHEV [w/video]
    Plug-in Hybrid Truck Still Has Hurdles To Jump 1407179040

    It's been a while since we've checked in with ALTe and its plans to convert big work vehicles like the Ford F-150 into plug-in hybrids. So, when we saw a demonstration vehicle sitting outside the San Jose Convention Center at the Plug In 2014 Conference last week, we had to get a closer look. ...

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    Exclusive: Plug In 2014: VIA makes the case for 'free' plug-in hybrid work vans, trucks
    Who Makes More Money On Every Truck Sold, Chevy Or Chevron? 1406920440

    If you're a fleet manager who's been waiting anxiously for the chance to buy a plug-in hybrid van from Via Motors, your wait is almost over. If you work for the right fleet, anyway. David West, the chief marketing efficer for VIA Motors, took AutoblogGreen for a ride around the San Jose ...

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    Exclusive: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales reach 33,000 worldwide
    High Demand From Europe, Japan Mean No US Version For Now 1406755620

    It can be difficult to see from the US, where the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid is not yet available, but the all-wheel drive SUV is a big hit in Europe and Japan. In fact, we learned at the Plug In 2014 Conference in San Jose, CA this week that Mitsubishi has sold over 33,000 copies of the ...

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    Official: Via Motors wins $20-million SCAQMD contract for PHEV trucks

    That demonstration Via Motors made with its extended-range plug-in trucks in San Francisco a few months back must've made some impression. At the Plug In Conference in San Diego, CA last week, the company announced it has won a $20-million contract to supply the South Coast Air Quality Management ...

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    Official: Pay With PlugShare could make charging an EV even easier

    As easy as recharging an electric car is, we admit it's not hassle free - and we're not even talking about those somewhat annoying wires that will be alleviated when wireless charging gets more common. No, the issue at hand is the variety of charging station company networks and the need, in some ...

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    Official: First SAE Combo fast charging station now open in San Diego

    The 2013 Plug In Conference in San Diego, CA was not only the site of a big meeting of the minds for EV companies this week, it was also where a SAE Combo Fast Charging station has been installed – and used – for the first time. NRG built the station, which charged both a BMW i3 and a ...

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    Official: BMW i ventures invests in Coulomb; ChargePoint 4.0 coming soon

    Like patrons at the end of a long night, automakers and charging companies can sometimes be seen leaving the bar arm in arm. Coda with Mr. Electric. Holden with Better Place. Nissan with GE. Smart USA with Coulomb. Toyota with Leviton. BMW with AeroVironment. But this is a vibrant scene, and ...

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    Schneider Electric introduces outdoor EVSE, can charge two cars at once

    At last year's Plug-In Conference, Schneider Electric was talking about being a "one-stop shop" for plug-in vehicle chargers. This year, the company was back with a new charging unit and a renewed emphasis on providing plug-in vehicle drivers with the right EVSE. That new Schneider charging unit ...

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    EV Connect, Fisker's official EVSE installer, worked to get the luxury feel

    We first caught wind that EV Connect would be the "exclusive EVSE services provider" for the Fisker Karma back in June, but the two companies were in discussions about working together for half a year before that. Brett Hauser, the chief operating officer of EV Connect, told AutoblogGreen during ...

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    Coulomb Technologies reveals pair of dual-port Level 2 charging stations

    Showcased during the Plug-in 2011 Conference, Coulomb Technologies has revealed two of its latest additions to its ChargePoint networked charging station lineup. Both chargers – dual-port Level 2 models based on Coulomb's CT2020 – provide two 7.2-kilowatt ports and have been ...

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    Plug-In 2011: Coulomb working with TomTom to let EV drivers find charging stations

    At the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC, last week, Coulomb Technologies announced it will partner with TomTom to provide tools to help EV drivers locate charging stations. Some manufacturers have built brand-specific charging point location into the navigation systems included on their ...

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    Plug-In 2011: GM demonstrates Chevy Volt battery re-use applications

    General Motors is confident enough in the longevity of the 16-kWh battery pack in the Chevy Volt that the company warranties it for eight years/100,000 miles. Actually, the automaker is so confident in the pack's capabilities that it is already looking into what can be done with the expensive hunk ...

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    Nissan picks site in Tennessee for Leaf electric motor production

    During the Plug-in 2011 Conference, Nissan announced it will invest $67.9 million into its powertrain assembly plant in Decherd, TN. The money will be used to add the Nissan Leaf's electric motor into the facility's production mix. The Decherd expansion was announced by Brian Carolin, Nissan's ...

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    Plug-In 2011: EV Challenge puts high school students into the driver's seat

    16 years. Over 100 schools total. $2,000 in seed money. These are some of the numbers that go with the EV Challenge, a electric vehicle educational group that works to promote plug-ins to the high school set. From the group's booth at Plug-In 2011, the mission is being accomplished, one student ...

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    Plug-In 2011: Integro's Tutor is okay with your charging station cable breaking away

    Today's electric cars are designed to be immobile when they are charging. But let's not forget that cars have wheels, and there are times when you can't stop a few thousand pounds from rolling away. If your EV is plugged in when it decides to go coasting away, something will have to give – ...

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    Plug-In 2011: Details on Nissan's 2012 Leaf price increase

    The 2011 Nissan Leaf is sold out. Long live the 2012 Nissan Leaf. Starting next week, when Nissan re-opens the Leaf ordering system, all orders placed will be for the 2012 model, which costs more but also comes with more standard equipment than the 2011 did. The problem, for some eager Leaf ...

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    Plug-In 2011: Rogers Electric going to be quite busy installing EV charging stations real soon

    Rogers Electric may be a fairly new name on AutoblogGreen, but the company has been working in the electrical contractor/installation field since 1983 and has a lot of experience doing somewhat boring but also important electric infrastructure work. After all these decades, 2011 was the year when ...

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    Plug-In 2011: AAA's got a "range anxiety solution" in electric vehicle assistance trucks

    For AAA, the powertrain you have in your car shouldn't affect your roadside assistance. If you're a member and you call for help, AAA wants to help you out. Of course, bringing a can of gasoline to your Nissan Leaf isn't going to do a whole lot, so AAA is taking the first steps to diversify its ...


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