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    Vitruvian Energy crowdfunding to make EEB, a trashy biofuel

    When sewage is treated at a wastewater treatment facility, biosolids are the byproduct. After being separated from the water, biosolids are usually sent to a landfill or incinerated. That doesn't mean that they're without value, however. Vitruvian Energy has created a process to make a usable ...

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    Official: Roanoke College students converting '39 Pontiac to electric drive

    Talk about cherry. Students at Roanoke Collage in Salem, VA, are about halfway through a four-year process of converting a 1939 Pontiac into an all-electric vehicle. The college's RC Electric Club bought the car for $1,500 in 2010 and has since stripped it, removed its original eight-cylinder ...

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    Video: DC Plasma is one fast Fiero, watch it set new record for electric doorslammers

    When Pontiac first conjured up the mid-engined Fiero back in 1984, its performance was also middling. John Metric has one such 2M4 (2 Seat, Mid-Engined, 4-Cyl) from its introductory year and he's fixed that problem. Dubbed "DC Plasma," his electrified example has just reduced the quarter-mile ...

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    Report: GM struggling to market fuel efficient turbo technology

    In the automotive realm, marketing can sometimes prove just as important as the actual product. Take, for instance, Ford's well-regarded EcoBoost technology, which couples turbocharging with direct injection to produce more horsepower and reduce fuel consumption. Would it surprise you to hear that ...

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    Enterprising DIYer adds boat tail to Pontiac Firefly to boost mileage

    The Aerocivic apparently has a distant relative from Canada. Darin Cosgrove, founder of, has added a boat tail to the back of his 1998 Pontiac Firefly (which is what the Geo Metro was called up north). According to Wired, the modified bodywork was constructed from cardboard, ...

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    DIY Madness: All-wheel-drive Pontiac Fiero hybrid

    DIY all-wheel-drive Pontiac Fiero hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've seen plenty of custom Pontiac Fieros in our day, often kitted out with some sort of Italian-inspired bodywork and possibly an engine swap, but we've never come across a Fiero quite like this one. This ...

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    2009 GMC Sierra Hybrid gets priced at $39,365

    Click the Sierra hybrid for a high res gallery
    General Motors has announced pricing for the first of its new two-mode hybrid pickup trucks, the GMC Sierra and they've apparently learned at least one lesson from the roll-out of the Yukon and Tahoe hybrids earlier this year. The starting price for ...

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    Pontiac will add 4 cylinder engine to G6 coupe in mid-2009

    Since Pontiac added coupe and convertible versions of the G6 a couple of years ago, they have only been available with V6 engines. It looks like the current economic conditions are triggering a change in the coupe lineup. Pontiac will be adding an SE trim level to the coupe powered by the 2.4L ...

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    GM announces new small car for the U.S.: Pontiac G3

    Do you remember a list we published with the 10 most fuel-efficient domestic cars? Here's a new one we'd add if we redid the list today: the Pontiac G3. The G3 reminds us of a previous post about Pontiac's deteriorating brand identity. Based on the Chevrolet Aveo, the G3 will spot the same ...

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    GM makes 9 of the 10 most efficient American cars

    Hey, always thinking that only Japanese and Europeans have a lot of fuel-efficient vehicle choices? American automakers also have fuel-efficient models in their lineup, usually based on "global" models designed for other markets, like GM does with its Opel/Vauxhall European subsidiary or its Daewoo ...

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    Darryl Hannah converting "Kill Bill" Trans Am to EV

    The amazing Daryl Hannah is set to reprise her role from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill as the woman behind the wheel of that superbad 1980 Trans Am. Well, except for the deranged assassin and gas guzzling part. This time it's not a movie but real life and her ride is going to be eerily quiet as it ...

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    More XFE models in GM's pipeline?

    Back in April, we applauded General Motors and its decision to eke some more fuel economy from its high-volume compact car, the Chevrolet Cobalt. Along with the 9-percent increase in fuel mileage, the new model got a shiny new XFE (eXtra Fuel Economy) badge in the process. Pontiac is now offering ...

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    McCain in favor of national CO2 limits

    U.S. Presidential hopeful John McCain says he opposes the notion that individual states should be able to set their own carbon dioxide emissions regulations. Still, it sounds as if automakers could be in for a shocker if the Republican were to be elected, as he says, "My goal would be to see a ...

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    CAFE rules could bring G3 subcompact from Pontiac to U.S. market

    Despite already selling a version of the Toyota Matrix as the Pontiac Vibe, it seems that the coffers at General Motors may bring the Pontiac G3 to the U.S. market. Already sold to our neighbors up north, though known in Canada as the Wave, the G3 is a slightly revised Chevrolet Aveo, which is ...

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    Holden boss confirms plans for hybrid Commodore

    Hot on the heels of word that Holden Special Vehicles was looking at alternative drivetrains for future high performance models for the GM Australian lineup comes news that Holden will introduce a mainstream hybrid within two years. Nick Reilly, GM President Asia-Pacific was in Australia recently ...

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    General Motors to introduce smaller 1.4L turbo on US small cars next year

    It looks like General Motors is going to move forward with production of new turbocharged 1.4L four cylinder engines next year and best of all we'll get them in some U.S. models. Last summer at GM's annual powertrain technology showcase, the company had a prototype Opel Astra equipped with just ...

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    CAFE takes another bite out of GM product plan as RWD programs fall away

    A year ago the Zeta rear-wheel-drive architecture developed at General Motors Holden division in Australia looked set to spawn a host of new North American models. The platform that under-pins the new Pontiac G8 and the upcoming Chevrolet Camaro now looks like it will have much more limited ...

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    GM and Toyota to make a hybrid together?

    There was a rumor at the 2007 LA Auto Show that there will be hybrid version of the 2009 Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix. The Pontiac Vibe is a product of NUMMI, New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., a joint venture between GM and Toyota. So, if the rumor is true, GM and Toyota are working on a ...

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    Why the Transformers movie is terrible (no, it's not because Michael Bay is directing)

    digg_url = ''; A few months ago, I unfortunately allowed the television to show me The Rock again. I didn't even have the gumption to click a button on the remote to turn it off (granted, it was only ...

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    SUV and gas prices: looking beyond the numbers

    Though individual dealerships and brands have reported different numbers regarding SUV purchases, overall sales for new ones have been declining especially among middle class buyers. Also, many current owners are trying to sell their vehicles and downsize into a more fuel-efficient car in the hopes ...


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