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    Official: Subaru XV Hybrid, the company's first, goes on sale in Japan

    Car-loving treehuggers can now drive off deep into the woods, as Subaru has finally started selling its first-ever hybrid. In Japan, at least. The Subaru XV Hybrid began sales this week in its home country, boasting its ever-present all-wheel-drive layout combined with a CVT transmission and ...

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    Tokyo: Subaru offers a few more details of Advanced Tourer Concept hybrid

    Hot on the heels of the LA Auto Show (full coverage days coming up next week), the Tokyo Motor Show will shift the auto industry media's focus over to the land of companies that have taken quite a hit this year (see: Earthquake, Japan and Flooding, Thailand). The troubles have rippled through the ...

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    Report: 2013 gas-electric Subaru to feature mild hybrid setup, not Toyota's tech

    There's no questioning that Toyota dominates the hybrid vehicle segment. So of course Subaru wants to ditch Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive technology in favor of its in-house-developed mild hybrid system for the automaker's first-ever hybrid vehicle. According to Just Auto and contrary to ...

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    Official: 2012 Subaru Impreza: America's most fuel-efficient AWD vehicle priced from $17,495*

    2012 Subaru Impreza – Click above for high-res image gallery
    America's most fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle, the 2012 Subaru Impreza, starts at an almost-unbelievably low price of just $17,495 (*plus $750 for destination). That's right, the up-to-36-miles-per-gallon rated 2012 ...

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    Confirmed: Subaru to launch first-ever hybrid vehicle in 2013

    Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Subaru has officially confirmed it will enter the hybrid segment in 2013 with the launch of an undisclosed gas-electric vehicle. Reports point to some sort of Subaru vehicle, packed with Toyota's hybrid technology, ...

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    Subaru's zero-waste scheme a money maker, job saver

    The clever zero-waste Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) factory in Lafayette, IN, has, on several occasions, gotten awards for doing its part to clean up the environment. Distinctions include winning the EPA's Gold Achievement Award back in 2006, pumping out more than 100,000 Partial Zero ...

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    2012 Subaru Impreza to get estimated 36 mpg highway

    Subaru is set to officially reveal the 2012 Impreza at the New York Auto Show towards the end of April. Ahead of its debut, the automaker has released a single profile shot of the four-door version of the soon-to-be released Impreza. Subaru's extremely brief press blurb doesn't reveal much in ...

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    Report: Subaru Nordic mulling natural gas conversions for Legacy, Outback

    2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Subaru Nordic (SN) has, according to a report from The Local, announced its desire to open a manufacturing plant in western Sweden. There's some indication that SN is eying a vacant Saab site in the city of Trollhattan and ...

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    Rumormill: Subaru hybrid headed to U.S. in 2013

    Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Subaru finally appears ready to enter the hybrid segment. This conclusion stems from numerous rumors and reports that the Japanese automaker, which has strong ties with Toyota, aims to launch it first hybridized vehicle ...

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    Report: Production of Subaru Stella electric to end in 2012?

    Subaru Stella electric – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In 2012, Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru-branded automobiles, intends to halt minivehicle production. The exact timing of the suspension has not been announced, but it seems likely that when Fuji Heavy withdraws ...

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    LA Preview: Subaru will present new "Confidence in Motion" green concept

    Subaru is teasing a concept for the LA Auto Show under the new "Confidence in Motion" slogan. Will it be a plug-in, a hybrid or just a more efficient ICE vehicle? We have no idea (yet), but the president and CEO of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., the maker of Subaru vehicles, Ikuo Mori, will take the ...

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    Toyota, Subaru turn to Toray for carbon fiber body panels

    Toray Industries, a leading producer of carbon fiber material, will begin supplying both Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries (parent company of Subaru) with the lightweight product for use on upcoming vehicles. Toyota will reportedly use the carbon fiber to produce hoods and roofs for the Lexus LFA, ...

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    Fuji Heavy unveils third-generation Subaru Boxer engine; claims 10% boost in efficiency

    Subaru's Third-Generation Boxer Engine – Click above for high-res image
    Subaru first deployed its horizontally opposed Boxer engine back in 1966. Twenty-three years later, the second-generation Boxer debuted in the 1989 Legacy. Now, after 21 years of success, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. ...

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    Report: Toyota to build Ractis subcompact for Subaru

    Toyota Ractis – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Starting this fall, Subaru of Japan will add a subcompact model to its lineup of vehicles courtesy of Toyota. The Nikkei is reporting that Toyota will supply subcompact cars on the OEM level to Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of ...

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    Subaru to offer diesel engine option on next-gen STi

    2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Special Edition - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Hey, if Mitsubishi is doing it, then Subaru might as well follow along, right? In case you missed it, Autocar reported that Mitsubishi will employ a diesel hybrid powerplant in the next-gen Evo XI scheduled for ...

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    Subaru VP says sales boosted by efficient powertrains, safety and value

    2010 Subaru Legacy – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Consumer downsizing is a term automakers use to describe the current trend in car buying. In the real world, it means searching for small, efficient cars to replace gas guzzling behemoths. For Subaru, this trend continues to lift ...

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    Subaru still considering diesel boxer engine for U.S. if fuel price drops

    Its hard to believe that we first reported that Subaru could bring its much-anticipated diesel engine here to the U.S. over three years ago. Between then and now, the company has remained indecisive due to high diesel fuel prices and stringent emissions requirements here. Needless to say, the ...

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    Rumormill: Subaru Impreza Hybrid coming in 2012?

    Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    This much we know: Subaru is ready to get into the hybrid marketplace. This much is a given following numerous rumors and reports that the Japanese automaker, which is currently tied at the hip to Toyota, wants to have ...

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    Rumormill: Subaru planning to revive SVX with coupe version of Hybrid Tourer

    Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept - click above for high-res image gallery
    Might Subaru's Hybrid Tourer concept point the way forward to a revival of the iconoclastic SVX from the Nineties? According to AutoExpress, that's a definite maybe. The British motoring mag suggests that the conceptual Hybrid ...

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    Tokyo Preview: Subaru releases more pics of Hybrid Tourer Concept

    Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept - click above for high-res image gallery
    Subaru has just released a bunch of new images of its Hybrid Tourer concept that will debut next week at the Tokyo Motor Show. The gull-wing wagon/hatch/shooting brake thingy is Subaru's first major cut at a hybrid and the ...


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