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    Report: Suzuki Every EV goes 800+ miles on single charge

    You could take a flight from New York City to Atlanta, and the trip would run you about two hours. Or you could theoretically take a specially-fitted Suzuki Every battery-electric van on that same route. It would take you about 43 hours, but you'd do it on just one charge. One really patient ...

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    Two Wheels: Suzuki EXTRIGGER concept makes a monkey of electric motorcycles

    Small is big, monkey bikes are the new black. After years of being relegated to cob-webbed tales told by speckled-bearded men that begin with "Back when we was kids..." (and typically involving a Honda Z50 soaring skyward to miraculous heights), the petite low-power/high-fun concept is making a ...

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    Report: Maruti Suzuki may make India's first light-duty hybrid

    Maruti Suzuki could make the first light-duty hybrid-electric vehicle produced in India by collaborating with its sister Suzuki affiliate in Japan, the International Business Times reports. Maruti Suzuki is looking to tread where competitors Toyota and Honda have failed; neither company has had ...

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    Official: Denso creates li-ion battery designed for stop-start vehicles

    Toyota owns part of the company, but Suzuki gets the battery. That's the gist of Denso's development of a lithium-ion battery pack that is designed especially for cars with fuel-saving stop-start systems. The 5.5-pound battery pack weighs less because it can capture regenerative energy from when ...

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    Two Wheels: Suzuki e-Let's electric scooter coming to Japan, Panasonic supplies drivetrain

    Suzuki has been testing its e-Let's electric scooter around its hometown of Hamamatsu for the past year and is now ready to send it out into the real world. Or, at least, the Japanese portion of the real world. While it doesn't have the kind of range that would prompt you to pen a letter home ...

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    Tokyo: Suzuki debuts range-extended Swift EV Hybrid

    Suzuki hit the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with a small flotilla of green-minded vehicles, including the Swift EV Hybrid. According to the company, most Swift buyers travel between 12 and 18 miles per day, so engineers designed this range-extended EV to cover that distance on pure electric power. A ...

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    Tokyo: Suzuki Q Concept is long on cute, short on range

    If this year's Tokyo Motor Show is going to live up to its reputation for wacky, it's because of the Suzuki Q Concept. Looking like an oversized portable CD player rolling around on two sets of Apple earbuds, the electric Q is nothing if not cute. It's also different, with seating that's ...

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    Mitsubishi set to launch Minicab-MiEV in Japan, will share with Suzuki

    Good news! Mitsubishi Motor Company is finally ready to follow up its i-MiEV (sold simply as the "i" here in the U.S.) with a second all-electric offering. The 8th of December will see the Minicab-MiEV hit dealerships across Japan in both 100-km (62-mile) and 150-km (93-mile) flavors with an MSRP ...

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    Tokyo: Suzuki gets small and funky for Tokyo with Regina compact, Q-Concept, Swift EV Hybrid

    For their home turf show, Japanese automakers often bring out the best and quirkiest. To cite just a few examples, how about the three different Nissan Pivo concepts, the Honda EV-N and the Nissan Land Glider. Suzuki continues the trend this year with a full slate of world premieres of unusual ...

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    Report: Vauxhall wins fuel economy shootout... with 6.2-liter VXR8

    It's not out of the question to think that Vauxhall could win a shootout for the best fuel economy. But you'd figure the honors would be taken by something like the Ampera plug-in hybrid or one of its EcoFlex models, not the VXR8 muscle sedan, what with its huge 6.2-liter V8 engine. But it's ...

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    Thailand pushes to be an eco-car production powerhouse

    Quick, name the 12th largest automotive manufacturing country in the world. Since we kind of gave the answer away in the headline, we're not too surprised that you just answered Thailand. But did you also know that 1.6 million vehicles were produced in Thailand last year and that the country is an ...

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    Suzuki Every electric van hits the streets of Japan

    Following the launch of the electric Mitsubishi Minicab i-MiEV, Suzuki decided to enter the fray with its battery-powered Every van. Suzuki has reportedly manufactured 13 of the electrified vans, which will be handed out to its dealerships in Japan on a trial basis. This, according to Integrity ...

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    Report: Suzuki looks to Fiat for 30,000 1.6-liter diesel engines a year

    2010 Suzuki SX4 SportBack by RoadRace Motorsports - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Suzuki has extended its alliance with Fiat SpA with the announcement that it will turn to the Italian automaker to supply it with 1.6-liter diesel engines. According to the Nikkei (sub. req.), Fiat will ...

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    Report: Suzuki to launch Swift plug-in hybrid in 2013

    Suzuki Swift PHEV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been awhile since we've come across reports related to Suzuki's Swift plug-in hybrid concept that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show way back in 2009, but now the Nikkei (sub. req.) claims that Suzuki is looking to launch the ...

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    New York 2011: Suzuki Kizashi EcoCharge Concept shows us what we wish existed

    For a car that doesn't exist – yet – the Suzuki Kizashi hybrid certainly rears its head an awful lot. The rumor had been that Suzuki wanted to release the car in 2011, but this plan was apparently canceled last year. Earlier this year, we heard that Suzuki might dip into the ...

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    Maruti Suzuki fires up dual fuel Wagon R Duo website

    Maruti Suzuki, one of India's leading automakers, has launched a website dedicated to its upcoming Wagon R Duo, a dual fuel model that burns either gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Maruti's site highlights the model's factory-fitted LPG tank and its unique dual ECU setup, which allows ...

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    Japanese automakers focus on fuel-efficient subcompact cars

    2011 Nissan Micra/March – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The drive to develop fuel-sipping subcompact cars has taken over in Japan, according to a report released by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). JAMA declares that "a fascinating new form of ...

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    Rumormill: Suzuki Kizashi to receive VW hybrid, diesel powertrain?

    2010 Suzuki Kizashi GTS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back when Volkswagen announced that it was teaming up with Suzuki, the discussion focused mainly on the development of small cars for emerging markets. Now, the rumormill is blazing with speculation that Suzuki is ...

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    Suzuki to introduce 660cc, 63.5 mpg engine in minicar lineup

    For the first time in almost 16 years, Suzuki has developed a brand-new engine for its minicar lineup. This 660cc mill is equipped with stop/start technology and is expected to deliver a fuel efficiency rating of nearly 63.5 miles per gallon (U.S.), – a boost of approximately 20 percent ...

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    Maruti Suzuki SX4 to feature Fiat-supplied 1.3-liter turbodiesel

    Maruti Suzuki, India's leading automaker, announced that its SX4 sedan will be offered with an optional 1.3-liter turbocharged diesel engine starting early next year. The oil-burning mill, supplied by Fiat, is expected to be one of the most fuel-efficient engine options ever offered in a ...


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