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Universal Electric Vehicle

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    Guess we won't be seeing UEV at AltCar this year; Spyder up on eBay

    During the last two years' Santa Monica Alt Car Expo, we talked with representatives of Universal Electric Vehicle about their Spyder EV. There were scant updates from the company outside of those events, and now we can see that there won't be much news in the future, either. The one vehicle that ...

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    C-NET tries to count all the electric car start-ups

    C-NET's Michael Kanellos did a little thinking out loud this week when he tried to list all of the electric car start-up companies (not major automakers working on EVs). He counted 16 small companies. The names on this list will be familiar to just about anyone who reads AutoblogGreen, but I ...

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    Alt Car Expo 2007: All about the Electrum Spyder with UEV's Diana Lane (VIDEO)

    When the Electrum Spyder was unveiled at last year's Santa Monica Alt Car Expo, we enjoyed getting our first taste of this ambitious all-electric sports car. A year later, the Spyder has changed a little bit (as you can see in these pictures of the Electrum Spyder from the other night when ...

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    First pictures from Santa Monica's Alt Car Expo 2007 - Electrum Spyder and Vectrix scooter

    The Alt Car Expo here in Santa Monica starts this morning. Last night, on the Santa Monica Pier, some of the organizers and exhibitors met for a swanky get-together. I'm not one to pass up a tasty event like that, so I went. And look what I found parked outside - the updated Electrum Spyder and the ...

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    Updated stats and new pics of the all-electric $70,000 UEV Spyder

    digg_url = ''; We first spied the Spyder from Universal Electric Vehicle last December at the sports car's Santa Monica unveiling. UEV just emailed AutoblogGreen an updated spec sheet and some new ...

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    The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part)

    digg_url = ''; I think all the news of the Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt that came out since last summer has reminded a lot of people that there are some serious contenders to the gasoline ...

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    Alt Car Expo: Video of the Electrum Spyder and interview with the designer, Greg Lane

    You've seen the specs, seen the preview and now, here're the goods. The Electrum Spyder was the big unveiling at the Alt Car Expo, and I was able to speak with Greg Lane, Senior Vice President of Universal Electric Vehicle Corp. and designer of the Spyder, about the car and the attitude of UEV in ...

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    Alt Car Expo: Electrum Spyder prototype gets mid-show upgrade

    I revealed one of Universal Electric's minor secrets in this post the other day, that the driver-side interior was less than finished. The good news is that the company has patched up the car, as evidenced by this photo. Diana Lane, president and CEO of UEV, didn't think me posting that picture was ...

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    Alt Car Expo: Electrum Spyder electric roadster unveiled. We've got pictures

    Today was the big day, the unveiling of the new Electrum Spyder. I'll have a another video with Universal Electric Vehicle personnel soon (yesterday's was such a tease, I know), but for now, why not feast your eyes on these pictures. See the rest after the jump.

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    Alt Car Expo: $70,000 Spyder EV teaser video

    Tomorrow Universal Electric Vehicle Corp. will unveil the Electrum Spyder. While we know a lot of the specs of this sleek electric vehicle, the pictures we've had on AutoblogGreen are not of the car that's being revealed tomorrow. I spoke with Diana Lane, the President and CEO of UEV, today about ...

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    Electrum Spyder to be demoed at Santa Monica Alt Car Expo this weekend

    If you're in Santa Monica, California this weekend, check out the AltCar Expo at the Santa Monica Air Center. if you're not, don't worry, as AutoblogGreen will be providing coverage from the show. Universal Electric Vehicle will be holding the world premier of their new Electrum Spyder during the ...


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