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Vegetable Oil

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    NorthStar Moving powers their fleet with biodiesel

    California's NorthStar Moving Corporation has just converted all of its trucks to run on biodiesel fuel. All of the fuel used by the moving and storage company will now be veggie-based. Additionally, their fleet of vehicles has also been fitted with battery-powered rear lift gates as opposed to ...

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    The top five upcoming green events, number two: Green Grand Prix

    One of the 2007 Green Grand Prix entries.The fact that the Green Grand Prix makes an appearance on our list should not come as a shocker. Where else are you gonna see pod-racers (like in the picture above) racing alongside vehicles running on biodiesel, electrons, LP, CNG, hybrids, flex-fuel ...

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    Green Grand Prix coming to New York next week with a wood-burning SUV

    One of the 2007 Green Grand Prix entries.Here's a race we'd like to watch. The fourth annual Green Grand Prix is coming to Watkins Glen in upstate New York in a week and a half (May 3rd). While there are some podracer-like entries (e.g., the photo above), the bulk of the vehicles are ...

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    Spaniards will be able to trade old veggie oil for biodiesel

    The Association of Municipalities and Counties of Catalonia, Spain (ACM), has announced an agreement with Recicloil, a company that recycles used vegetable oil into biodiesel. The agreement states that the company will provide one liter of free biodiesel to citizens for each 20 liters of used oil ...

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    The latest solution to the hydrogen problem: biodiesel?

    This is weird. One of the easiest arguments to make against hydrogen fuel cells is that you have one too many energy conversions going on (first, you need energy to make the hydrogen, then you use the hydrogen to make electricity onboard the vehicle). Why not just use the initial energy - usually ...

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    Keene State College an EPA award finalist with waste oil project

    AutoblogGreen reader Mike C wrote a comment recently about the waste-oil-to-fuel work that's going on at his school, Keene State College. I read that and thought this story deserved mention here on the main page. Whenever students are doing something clever and green, I like to share their stories ...

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    Instructable of the day: converting an old school bus to veggie-power

    If you are reading our site, you are probably already familiar with the fact that any diesel vehicle can run on biodiesel. As a matter of fact, most any can diesel vehicle can even run on used vegetable oil with just a few modifications. There are some issues with vegetable oil which must first be ...

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    Networks to reuse cooking oil for biodiesel production

    Seriously: what do you do with your leftover cooking oil? Most people just pour it down the drain (not pointing any fingers, here). This is quite bad for a couple of reasons: first because it can affect waste water treatment plants and second because a potential fuel is lost. We have written a lot ...

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    Shell Oil to grow biofuels from marine algae

    Shell Oil formed a joint venture with HR Biopetroleum called Cellana and they plan to produce biofuels from marine algae. Shell, which owns a majority stake in the venture, will start production of a demonstration facility on the Kona coast of Hawai'i Island immediately. The production volume for ...

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    Mistakes in the Mythbusters' episode on fuel economy devices

    Mythbusters, a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, tried to bust the myth that there are devices out there that can dramatically improve your fuel economy. I think Mythbusters made a lot of mistakes in the episode with claims about hydrogen, used vegetable oil and EPA testing. I also think ...

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    Biofuels and road taxes, the Alaska edition

    In many places around the world, roads are financed at least in part by a tax added to the price of fuel. When we head to the pumps, we pay for a little bit of the road we drive out onto as we leave the station. But people who make their own biofuels don't pay these taxes and yet they drive on ...

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    Veggie Girls - six college students cross the country on vegetable oil

    Six female college students from schools across the country who call themselves the Veggie Girls decided that high gas prices and carbon emissions were old school. The new thing is finding out "just how far their vegetables can take them" and so the students, from Vassar, Stanford, Scripps, Cuesta, ...

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    Across Australia on 40% water and 60% waste mineral oil (Bios Fuel H2W+)

    The 20th World Solar Challenge took place in Australia in October. One of the more unusual fuel types in the Greenfleet Class of the Darwin to Adelaide race was used by a "Troupy," a lightly modified 1989 Toyota Landcruiser. According to Pure Energy Systems, the diesel-engined Troupy made the 3,000 ...

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    Zero Rally Africa gears up for 2009

    Not a heck of a lot of information is available yet on the Zero Rally Africa, but since there's about 14 months to go before the thing kicks off, this isn't really a problem. What we do know about the rally is that it's a 4,000 km, ten-day jaunt up from Cape Town through South Africa, Namibia and ...

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    Arctic Vegwerks: biodiesel in Alaska has a blog

    One thing most people know about biodiesel is that the fuel is not ideally suited for colder temperatures. This little hiccup does not (as I've mentioned before) slow down Alaska biodiesel fans. In fact, some homebrewers and VegOil advocates from the largest state in the union have just started an ...

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    Alt Car Expo 2007: Tell the world in shiny letters you're driving green

    Third Planet Energy's booth at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo caught my eye. Which is exactly what the folks there intended. In fact, Third Planet Energy's whole goal is to allow you to catch other people's eyes, through the use of chrome emblems that will upgrade your car's back end to identify ...

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    Escape Adventures: the world's first carbon-neutral vacation providers

    Is there anything worse when you are out enjoying nature than having the very society you are trying to get away from thrust back upon you? If so, maybe you can do something about it. Escape Adventures specializes in vacation tours "with destinations like Moab's Arches and Canyonlands, the ...

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    Video: Mini that runs on veg oil at AltWheels Boston 2007

    The video above is Grease Car's Mini at AltWheels Boston 2007. The Mini is lime green and converted to run on vegetable oil. The diesel engine they put in the Mini was a little big, so the front of the Mini has an odd look with the tires slightly pushed out. The Mini was in a sidewalk booth but the ...

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    Study shows that biodiesel fumes are less nasty than diesel

    Some weeks ago we posted an article about a German university comparing the fumes produced from both a diesel-powered engine and one fuelled by Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) which showed that diesel fumes were more dangerous. In the end, however, the study affirmed that it depended more on the ...

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    Iowa State: how sustainable is the bioeconomy?

    It is too early to know for sure what impact the growing of plants for biofuels will have on the agricultural industry. While the short-term monetary gains may well be attractive, questions abound as to what will happen with soil quality and its energy needs. Researchers at Iowa State are looking ...


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