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    Official: ZENN to acquire 51% of EEStor

    Zenn Motor Co. may have a name better associated with a sense of peace, but the company it has been connected to for years and has now agreed to buy does have a bit of uncertainty about it. Canada-based Zenn, which used to make and sell lead-acid battery-powered neighborhood-electric vehicles, ...

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    EEStor and ZENN still alive and kicking... out the press releases

    Zenn Motor Company, the former purveyor of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), and Eestor, the eternal purveyor of promises of a supercapacitor-based energy storage unit, have managed to defy at least one of the predictions hurled their way. The two intertwined companies have ...

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    Video: "Little Zenn Car" song gives old NEV new life

    Seattle-area musician Deb Seymour is kind of in love with her all-electric car. In fact, we don't think we've ever heard of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) driver who's been more public about his or her affection for their little runabout. Seymour recently posted her song "Little Zenn Car" ...

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    AltCar 2011: Electric Mobile Cars is all crunked up with three fleet models

    It's been a while since an all-electric truck has been for sale in the U.S. (RIP, Ford Ranger EV), so perhaps a zero-emission crunk is just what the market is waiting for. Electric Mobile Cars will soon find out, now that it is taking orders (fleets only) for its converted E36T (pictured). EMC ...

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    ZENN CEO Brian Cott quits; company looks to trim operations, cut costs

    Back on February 14th, Ian Clifford stepped down from his role as chief executive officer of ZENN Motor Company, Inc. Clifford, who founded ZENN back in 2001, did not completely leave the company. Rather, he assumed the position of vice chairman of ZENN's board of directors. Brian Cott, who ...

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    ZENN CEO Ian Clifford resigns, Brian Cott assumes position

    Effective February 14th, Ian Clifford stepped down from his role as chief executive officer of ZENN Motor Company, Inc. Clifford, who founded ZENN back in 2001, has no intentions of completely leaving company and will immediately assume the position of vice chairman of ZENN's board of ...

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    ZENN's not dead, baby, it's taking EEStor to China

    It's been a while (five months, to be precise) since we wrote about ZENN, the small Canadian automaker powertrain maker that had hoped to change the world through that mythical EEStor ultracapacitor technology. Well, the company has ended its silence with an email newsletter and the news is ...

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    Surprised? Zenn Motors stock not so hot after tie-up with EEStor

    Back in September, Zenn Motors announced an "updated business strategy" that included a new focus we'd call questionable at best and disastrous at its worst. Zenn's new strategy was to abandon any efforts to actually make vehicles and turn its entire attention to that mythical EEStor ...

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    GM: Volt plus EEStor could work ... if EESU worked

    2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are 16 days left in the month of December. Besides being time for most Americans to kick their Christmas shopping sessions into high gear and start planning their resolutions for 2010, it also means that there's precious little time ...

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    How can EEStor be valued at $1.5 billion?

    We've long given up on waiting for announcements from EEStor (and, to a lesser degree, their partner ZENN) to come true. But, with the latest move by ZENN to drop their plans to launch the cityZENN high-speed electric car and will instead focus on becoming a supplier of ZENNergy Drive electric ...

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    REPORT: Zenn cancels plans for high-speed EV, will focus on supplying ZENNergy Drive components

    According to reports from Reuters and, Zenn Motors has canceled plans to launch its cityZENN high-speed electric car and will slow down work on its low-speed EVs. According to Zenn Chief Executive Ian Clifford, the company will focus its efforts on becoming a supplier of ZENNergy ...

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    REPORT: public demonstrations of EESTOR's sectretive EESU next month?

    Last month, we got a glimpse inside EEStor's ultracapacitor progress thanks to a leaked audio clip – admittedly, possibly on purpose – of someone interviewing EEStor CEO Dick Weir. At that time, Weir said that the EESU packs would be coming soon and promised demonstrations for 2010. ...

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    EEStor information overload (not a typo) in leaked interview with CEO Dick Weir

    For about six hours recently, a leaked (we assume it was leaked) audiotape of someone speaking with EEStor CEO Dick Weir was available on Yahoo! video. Before the video was yanked, enterprising electric car fans managed to record the audio and have made it available around the net. What's amazing ...

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    EESTor update from ZENN CEO Ian Clifford; demonstrations coming in 2010

    EEStor, the company behind the ultralight, ultra-efficient – and ultra secret – EEStor Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) that could change the electric car world, still isn't giving out much information about their product. But Ian Clifford, the CEO of Zenn Motors, is ...

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    ZENN: Trust us, the EESTOR thing is totally cool, like $700,000 cool

    Hype maintenance can be hard work. Following the Earth Day announcement that the EEStor ultracapacitor had passed independent tests that showed it had a relative permittivity of 22,500, the automaker most closely tied to the secretive company, ZENN, has come out to say two things. First, the test ...

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    Bikes vs. cars race ends in decisive two-wheeled victory

    What does it take to beat a Zenn electric car and a Toyota Prius in cross-town driving? A pair of wheels and some leg-power. In the sixth annual Commuter Race in San Jose, California, all the bikes - a standard bike, a tandem and a hybrid bike - beat the two cars in a treasure hunt-style race ...

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    EEStor "permittivity" follow-up, by someone who knows (Daryl Siry)

    Following EEStor's permittivity announcement on Earth Day last week, I wrote a post that ended with a call for our readers to determine if the stated "relative permittivity of 22,500" was a big deal or not. There were some educated responses (thank you), but one refrain that kept appearing was that ...

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    ZENN tries to boost EV market with under $10k NEV

    Those of you with an interest in electrically-driven transportation who don't need a full function car may want to check out the latest deal from Canadian company ZENN. The ZENN electric car can be had for just $9,995 until the end of June. ZENN is looking for early adopters to be ambassadors for ...

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    ZENN picks manufacturer for cityZENN highway-speed electric vehicle

    How does this make sense: ZENN recently announced that company officials had selected a manufacturer to produce a highway-speed electric vehicle, called the cityZENN. Following this, ZENN's stock fell three percent. You'd think people would be happy with an announcement like that.As always, there ...

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    EVCast offers up panel of "experts" to take your electric car questions tomorrow

    If you'd like to listen to a sort of state of the electric vehicle industry panel discussion, tune in to the EVCast tomorrow. The live show (which will be available later as a podcast and for download) starts at 1:30 Eastern (10:30 am Pacific) on Tuesday. Listeners can tune send in questions and ...


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