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2013 tesla model s

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    Read This: Tesla says Model S fire triggered by 'highly uncommon occurrence' [w/video]

    By now, you've seen the Tesla headlines, read the reports that its stock dropped (it's now bounced back somewhat), and maybe even discussed the Model S fire with friends and coworkers. But there is now some more official information to share. Yesterday, in addition to publishing emails between ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S wins 2013 World Green Car of the Year

    The automotive journalist judges behind the World Green Car of the Year apparently with the overwhelming majority of AutoblogGreen readers, as they've just named the Tesla Model S their winner. We don't yet know what the official ballots were, but our informal poll had the Tesla beating the other ...

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    Report: New York Times admits Tesla Model S writer didn't use "good judgment" [Update]

    And, lo, in the case of John Broder vs. Elon Musk, The New York Times is admitting defeat. A little bit. Sort of. "Musk is at fault, too, for using the car's driving logs "in the most damaging (and sometimes quite misleading) ways possible." Yesterday, the NYT's public editor, Margaret ...

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    Report: NYT writer "cannot account" for discrepancy, still disputes Tesla Model S data

    They can't both be right. When Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued his official response to The New York Times journalist John Broder's negative review of the Tesla Model S (well, a description of his charging and range problems, more than a review), Tesla said it would be the company's last word on ...

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    Report: NYT's Tesla Model S trouble report is "fake," says Elon Musk [UPDATE]

    Remember that episode of Top Gear, where the notoriously anti-EV crew pushed a Tesla Roadster to show what would happen if the car's battery had run out of juice? And then Tesla got all litigious and filed suit (which the company eventually lost)? Well, we might be in for another public scuffle ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S vs Chevy Volt drag race ends exactly how you think it will

    It may have a sliver of Chevrolet muscle car heritage, but the plug-in hybrid Volt didn't stand a chance of beating the Tesla Model S in a recent quarter-mile race. As you can see in the video below, shown recently on That Racing Channel, the Model S took the lead in the race right away, hitting ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S production reaches 400 cars a week capacity

    Civil War Admiral David Farragut has famously been credited with saying, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" when he was presented with a challenging path ahead during the Battle of Mobile Bay. Specifically, the path was full of torpedoes. The Admiral has some "move forward!" ideological ...

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    Official: Tesla adds replacement battery pack costs to price increase details

    Price increases are common in the automotive industry so the recent $2,500 jump in prices for upcoming Tesla Model S vehicles wasn't exactly a surprise. Still, most vehicle MSRPs don't go up two-and-a-half grand, and so to explain why the price for the award-winning electric vehicle was so ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S base price increases $2,500 to $59,900

    If you've been saving up pennies to buy a Tesla Model S, you're going to need a bigger piggybank. The California automaker has just announced the price will be going up by $2,500 for US customers ($2,600 in Canada). That comes out to $59,900 for the base version with the 40 kWh battery and ...

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    Report: Tesla's Musk says Obama win means good things for plug-in vehicles

    That gift horse? Elon Musk ain't looking it in the mouth. The Tesla Motors chief appears to be pretty happy about last week's presidential election results, saying that four more years of President Barack Obama likely means more electric vehicle (EV) production, Reuters reports. More newsworthy, ...

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    Video: Motor Trend suggests Tesla Model S may be most important new car since Ford Model T

    "It may very well be the most important new car since the Model T." That's the summation of the latest video from Motor Trend and its Ignition video series, speaking of the Tesla Model S. Though the buff site had previously released a video featuring a range-testing excursion from LA-to-Vegas ...

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    Official: Elon Musk explains why Tesla has its own stores, defends service program

    Elon Musk is taking his argument for a different kind of customer-dealer relationship directly to the people. In this case, the Tesla Motors CEO writes on his company's blog to list the reasons why the luxury electric-vehicle maker decided to own all of its dealerships instead of offering ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S requires $600 annual service plan to keep warranty active

    It appears that Tesla's new $600-per-year service program for its Model S is not going over well with some of the owners and wait-listers. David Noland, a Model S reservation holder and freelance writer, has dug into it the details and clarified the one he's finding most annoying. And as it turns ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S suspension getting potential upgrade

    You can't say those Tesla Motors guys take any challenges sitting down. In this case, the luxury battery-electric vehicle maker may be working on an upgraded suspension package for its top-of-the-line Model S sedan, according to Wired. Tesla is testing a version that includes 21-inch rear ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S will get update for 'creep' mode, Service Center costs detailed

    With a vehicle as potentially paradigm-shifting as the Model S, you've got to have the service to match. That's why Tesla Motors is rolling out what it calls a "transformed service experience." "Moving beyond automobile service of the past 100 years means bringing service to you in a new way," ...

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    Report: Elon Musk to remain at Tesla for "several more years," personally inspects Model S

    Few automakers' fortunes and CEOs are as intrinsically linked as Tesla Motors and Elon Musk. The boss of the full-electric automaker can influence the stock of his company with something as simple as an outlandish statement – exactly the sort of utterance the mercurial executive is fond ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S 'almost ready'

    Tesla Motors is close to rolling out the first Model S battery-electric five-doors from the company's Fremont, CA, plant, and customers who reserved the Model S Signature Series are already sending in their specification requests, indicating that the company will likely hit its July deadline for ...

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    Report: Musk says Tesla Model S sold out

    About a month ago we reported that 1,500 Model S buyers showed up at the Tesla NUMMI plant to see firsthand the progress being made at the automaker's new California factory. Many of those buyers even got the chance to drive pre-production beta models of the Model S. It's the least Tesla could do ...

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    AB First Ride: 2012 Tesla Model S Beta

    As part of the big coming-out weekend for the Tesla Model S, our friends at Autoblog got to spend some time learning about the current-version beta prototype that Tesla is showing off to the media and prospective owners who have put down $5,000 deposits on the all-electric sedan. How much time? ...


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