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    Read This: Tesla investor says selling 500,000 EVs in 2020 is totally doable

    Tesla Motors may make good on chief Elon Musk's claim of selling a half-million vehicles a year by the end of the decade, Motley Fool says. Of course, the author of the Foolish report in question owns Tesla shares but, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's check out the logic. Tesla ...

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    Report: Germany still fighting for weaker CO2 emission laws

    The Germans have an idea: when calculating fleetwide emissions rules at the end of the decade, don't count the 20 percent of our vehicles that are truly road-mauling gas guzzlers. That's more or less what the German government is asking for in its attempt to get the European Union to be a little ...

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    Report: Ford bashes EU decision to delay vote on strict 2020 emissions standards

    The European Union (EU) is putting off its vote on stricter emissions standards for the continent, and Ford's none too happy about it. The US automaker, which has been broadening its line-up of hybrids and plug-ins during the past few years, is on record as being "disappointed" that the EU is ...

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    Report: EC proposes 30% stricter emissions standards for 2020

    As they do with fashion and culinary wonders, the Europeans are continuing to take the lead in tightening fuel-economy standards as well. The European Commission (EC) has proposed fleetwide greenhouse-gas emissions standards for cars that are about 30 percent stricter by the end of the decade ...

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    Report: Japan pushing for 24.1% increase in fuel economy by 2020

    2011 Nissan Micra / March – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Japanese automakers will most likely need to boost their fleetwide fuel economy by 24.1 percent by 2020 to meet stringent standards being drawn up by the government, reports the Nikkei business daily. This isn't like ...

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    Carlos Ghosn: EVs could account 10 percent of global sales in 2020

    Renault-Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosn is a firm believer in the future of electric cars. According to an interview for le Journal du Dimanche, Ghosn says he expects the world's EV market will rise to six million vehicles per year, which is 10 percent of global sales. Ghosn also explained that ...

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    European Parliament takes the first step toward stricter CO2 limits

    Photo of the European Parliament published under the GNU Documentation LicenseA battle has been fought in the European Parliament to establish CO2 emission limits for new cars. The contenders were, on one side, the members of the Industry and Energy Committee; on the other side, the Environmental ...

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    New CO2 limits for 2015 instead?

    Photo of the European Parliament published under the GNU Documentation LicenseOk, I have to admit that this is becoming quite the complicated story. The basics are that the European Parliament intends to limit the average CO2 emission figures for auto manufacturers. The initial goal was to set the ...

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    A Better Place-like project for the UK in Brown's agenda

    The United Kingdom's PM Gordon Brown is meeting car manufacturers to try to persuade them to mass-produce electric cars. The carrot he's offering is selling them with payment plans that emulate cell phone contracts, à la "Better Place." This scheme, already been taken up by Israel and ...

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    The EU ready to ban imports of certain biofuels

    The EU might forbid imports of certain crops to produce biodiesel, namely palm oil and other imports from Latin America (soy). Lots of reports that have calculated how unsustainable most of these products are: because they destroy natural environments to create croplands, use fossil fuels in the ...


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