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3d printing

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    Official: Local Motors will 3D print an EV live in Chicago in September

    We've heard of EV kit cars that can take a week (or an hour) to build, but how long do you think it would take to build an EV from scratch, using this new-fangled 3D-printing technology? If the technology from Local Motors works as advertised, it should take no more than the five days. The public ...

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    Report: 3D-printed Urbee 2 ready to cross US on 10 gallons of fuel

    Two brothers are trying to get their lightweight, 3D-printed car all the way across the country using about the same amount of gas that it takes to get a Hummer across Los Angeles County. With their dog, no less. Brothers Cody and Tyler Kor first showed off a version of their 3D-printed ...

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    Report: Meet the Areion, the first 3D-printed automobile

    Think of it as a giant printer than can bend auto-body parts ... and a concept that pretty much bends the mind. A bunch of Belgian engineers, who obviously downed a few Trappist beers to dream up this idea, managed to make a mini-racecar-shaped electric vehicle from body panels that were made ...


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