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AC Propulsion

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    Are Ener1, AC Propulsion shake-ups signs that demand for li-ion batteries is low?

    For years, CEO Charles Gassenheimer was the friendly, public face of battery maker Ener1, speaking with AutoblogGreen many times over the years about his company's work with Think and Volvo and others. The company's history was long fraught with difficulty because of the way it was tied to Think ...

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    Denmark gets eBOX for AC Propulsion's 5th Anniversary

    AC Propulsion, a global company involved in electric drive design, development and manufacturing, has delivered a battery-powered eBox to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for tests that evaluate vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies. The research aims to advance the integration of electric ...

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    AC Propulsion awarded $300,000 for electric van conversions

    Southern California-based AC Propulsion, suppliers of electric-drive systems for the automotive industry, was granted $300,000 by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to outfit gasoline-fueled service vans that operate in the SoCal area with its advanced ...

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    AC Propulsion will double production capacity with new facility in China

    Peraves E-Tracer – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Within weeks of capturing victory in the Automotive X-Prize's Alternative Class-Tandem, Peraves and its electric motor supplier, AC Propulsion, announced the signing of a letter of intent to assemble up to 100 of the ...

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    Peraves and AC Propulsion plan to bring E-Tracer to American market

    Peraves E-Tracer – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Might the X-Prize-winning Peraves E-Tracer be coming to America? According to our Magic 8-Ball an official press release, all signs point to "yes." The Swiss manufacturer has signed a letter of intent with AC Propulsion to assemble ...

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    Automotive X-Prize: E-Tracer captures victory in Alternative Class-Tandem

    X-Tracer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The moment that we've been waiting for is finally upon us. Today is the day that competitors who took part in the grueling four-month long Automotive X-Prize competition find out if they survived the cut. At stake, part or all of the $10 ...

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    EV Sports Concept HER-02 sets new Pikes Peak record

    Yokohama Electric EV Sports Concept HER-02 at Pikes Peak – click above for hi-res image
    It's been seven years since Jeri Unser – daughter of Bobby – set the record for the fastest electric vehicle to complete the iconic 12.42 mile long (19.99 kilometers) Pikes Peak ...

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    What's AC Propulsion up to? Chery Eastar Cross spotted on new site

    Long-time ABG reader Yanquetino was perusing the recently re-designed site for AC Propulsion when he stumbled across an interesting photo that may point to ACP's latest OEM project. The car sitting on the hoist in the photo above is a Chery Eastar Cross. For those unfamiliar with the Chinese ...

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    Ex-Tesla CMO weighs in on founder controversy: They're both wrong!

    As the legal battle between Elon Musk and Martin Eberhard continues to percolate, a new/old voice has chimed in publicly on the controversy for the first time. Current Peppercom clean-tech analyst and ex-Tesla SVP of Marketing Darryl Siry has penned a piece for Wired that gives a different spin on ...

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    VIDEO: Electric race car development program revealed!

    KleenSpeed Technologies, one of the companies behind the WX10-T all-electric race car has opened up their website to the public to reveal some of what went on behind the scenes as they prepared their prototype, code-named Angelina, for its unveiling. Included on the site are pictures of everything ...

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    AC Propulsion's eBox lights up the brake lights without driver pushing brake pedal

    Click above to enlarge
    Looks like I wasn't the only one who wondered about the brake lights on AC Propulsion's eBox. AC Propulsion's Tom Gage responds to my post the other day with not only an answer to my question about if the hard decel that takes place when the regenerative braking kicks in ...

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    Visiting AC Propulsion, Tom Hanks with Current TV

    Click above to watch video
    A crew from Al Gore's Current TV was able to chat up Peter Scolari's better half (that'd be Tom Hanks, above) about driving his all-electric eBox, the converted Scion xB and visit the AC Propulsion headquarters for an interview with CEO Tom Gage. Current host Kristen ...

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    ABG Quick Drive: Battery-powered MINI-E w/VIDEO

    Click the MINI E for a high res gallery
    For three days before and during the media previews for the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, BMW had about a dozen electric MINIs available for evaluation drives. We finally got our crack at one Thursday morning at the LA convention center. The 6.5 mile ...

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    LA 2008: Confirmed - AC Propulsion provided the electric drive systems for the MINI E

    In conjunction with the official unveiling of the MINI E a the LA Auto Show, AC Propulsion has confirmed that it has produced the electric drive system for the car. When BMW first released some of the details on the new battery powered MINI E a few weeks back we speculated based on the description ...

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    MINI E gets it guts from AC Propulsion, not Tesla

    While we were discussing the upcoming premiere of the new MINI E at the LA Auto Show, we mused that the retro-cute might be sporting a drivetrain courtesy of Tesla Motors. Now comes word via Paul Scott at the new website for the film, "Revenge of the Electric Car" that the MINI will get its ...

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    First eBox from AC Propulsion delivered to Tom Hanks

    We gave you a first look at the AC Propulsion eBox from the Alt-Car Expo in Santa Monica last December, now we just got news that the first one has been picked up by Tom Hanks. As a refresher, the eBox is a conversion by AC Propulsion costing $55,000 not including tax or the Scion XB that is ...

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    Alt Car Expo: eBox makes public debut

    Although a bit pricey, the eBox has an advantage over other electric cars expected to compete in this category: Toyota reputation. The eBox is a Scion xB converted to run on electricity by AC Propulsion. Therefore it has all the amenities offered by Scion and enjoys the reputation of quality and ...


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