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Ariel Atom

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    Video: VIDEO: Honda CR-Z Mugen compared with.... Ariel Atom Mugen?!

    Mugen and Honda go together like vanilla ice cream and apple pie. Sure, the pie can stand on its own, but a nice scoop of ice cream takes it to another level. Mugen rolled out a pair of tuned CR-Z hybrids at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the blokes from Auto Express asked to spend a ...

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    eBay find of the Day: one-off 1959 Wooden Ariel Custom

    Click above for more shots of the custom Ariel-powered wooden car
    Wood. It's sustainable right? Cool, sounds like the perfect material to make new cars from. Now, the next question is how are we going to power them? The traditional American answer would be a big honkin' V8, but we're thinking ...

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    How To: Build a car from spare parts and scraps

    Click above for more shots of this home-built Ariel Atom replica
    Every once in a while, we run an article aimed at the do-it-yourself crowd. Usually, these things are not that difficult to accomplish, but today, we've found something a little bit more in-depth for those really hard-core recyclers ...

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    Ariel trademarks the name "Elektron." Something in the works?

    Ariel is no stranger to our pages, usually mentioned in connection with Wrightspeed or Brammo Motorsports. Perhaps you are already familiar with the Wrightspeed X1, which uses the Ariel Atom chassis for the basis of an electric supercar. Brammo Motorsports is the U.S. distributor for the Atom, and ...

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    Rogue GT? Gone. Enter the Enertia GT from Brammo Motorsports!

    Brammo Motorsports is really gettin' their green on these days. They just released information on their new electric motorcycle, the Enertia. Now, word leaks that they are changing their gasoline-burning ways and are shifting the focus of their upcoming supercar to electric power! The vehicle was ...


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