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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Report: California revokes 'hydrogen highway' grants

    Total Recall? That Arnold Schwarzenegger film title may be apropos for the California Energy Commission's decision last week to at least temporarily revoke about $27 million in grants earmarked for a string of hydrogen refueling stations through the state formerly governed by the action-film ...

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    California voters tell Proposition 23 to go back to Texas

    The voters of California have, as expected, handed defeat to Proposition 23, the oil-company-backed initiative that would have rolled back Assembly Bill 32, a 2006 law that, among other things, forces the state to turn to cleaner methods of generating energy in order to cut carbon emission ...

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    BREAKING: Toyota and Tesla to partner on EV production in California

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image
    California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda held a joint press in Palo Alto, California to announce that the two companies would be collaborating on electric vehicle development and production, with ...

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    Brammo Enertia just $5,995 in California thanks to combination of state and federal incentives

    Brammo Inc., maker of all-electric motorcycles, has announced that the Brammo Enertia will be sold for just $5,995 in California after federal and state incentives (golf clap). Brammo Founder and CEO Craig Bramscher said in a statement:

    We admire the California Legislature, Governor ...

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    Arnold Goes Electric: Governator endorses Zero Motorcycles, announces $1,500 CA rebate [w/video]

    Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses Zero Motorcycles – Click above for high-res image gallery
    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican) has a well-known fondness for motorcycles. Plus, he's also a big fan of the electrification of the automobile. As such, it would seem that Arnold ...

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    Electric Vehicle International opens California headquarters, launches new lineup

    When we last heard from Electric Vehicles International (EVI) they were displaying a trio of trucks at the Work Truck Show in Chicago that they had electrified at their facility in Mexico. Fast forward 7 months and we find none other than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on hand for the grand ...

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    AltCar 2009: Touring the show with the Governator

    Gov. Schwarzenegger learns about the Chevy Volt - click above for high-res image gallery
    During the opening day of the 2009 AltCar Expo & Conference here in Santa Monica, Governor Schwarzenegger stopped by for a tour of the green vehicles on display. He learned about the Volt from Dave ...

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    Peapod meets the Governator, makes new friend [w/VDEO]

    It appears that the Peapod has emerged unscathed from the recent turmoil of Chrysler's brush with bankruptcy. In fact, the little neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with the big friendly (or evil, depending on your point of view) smile is now riding about the 35 mph-or-lower streets of California, ...

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    Schwarzenegger: California will support hydrogen, always

    Gov. Schwarzenegger at the SAE in April - click for a high res gallery
    Previous reports of the death of California's hydrogen highway might have been premature. As part of the 1,700-mile 2009 Hydrogen Road Tour that is currently winding its way from California to Vancouver, BC, California governor ...

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    REPORT: Obama to announce new CAFE standards tomorrow, require 34 mpg standard

    According to reports from both the New York Times and Politico, the Obama Administration plans to announce new CAFE regulations tomorrow that will finally reconcile both federal and state standards. The plan is expected to combine California's strict emission rules with the federal rule, raising ...

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    SAE 2009: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes shopping for his next HUMMER

    Schwarzenegger with military hybrids - click for a high res gallery
    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't kidding when he said that there's nothing wrong with HUMMERs. Soon after finishing his opening session talk at the SAE World Congress this morning, the Governator took a stroll ...

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    Schwarzenegger reportedly trying to return his Tesla Roadster

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Tesla Roadster
    Since becoming governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has foresaken his old Hummer-loving ways in favor of a decidedly greener taste for transportation. Like any smart politician, Schwarzenegger is eager to publicly support businesses ...

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    CA Gov. Schwarzenegger coming to Detroit for SAE World Congress

    Dr. David Schutt, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of the Society of Automotive Engineers, today announced that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would come to Detroit on April 20. Schwarzenegger will deliver an opening keynote address to the SAE World Congress, the annual gathering of ...

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    Manny Lopez imagines what green-minded Politicians used to drive

    Not everyone who currently cares about the environment has done so for their whole lives. Who cares? Everyone grows up, though that term means more to some people than to others. For our part, we don't have a problem with the Woodward Dream Cruise, which will take place this weekend in Detroit, ...

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    Tax breaks for Tesla, Model S sedan to get 225 miles, cost $60k

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took to the podium today at Tesla's San Carlos, California facility to formally announce a new set of incentives for EV manufacturers to call Cali home. The crux of the address centered on the new CAEATFA program, approved last Wednesday, that exempts ...

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    California Gov. Schwarzenegger to make WhiteStar announcement at Tesla today

    We received a heads up overnight that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making an appearance later today at Tesla Motors headquarters in San Carlos, CA. According to the notice from Tesla, Schwarzenegger will make an announcement regarding the manufacturing strategy for the WhiteStar ...

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    Schwarzenegger's role in GM getting flex-fuel contract questioned

    digg_url = ''; A California Senate committee is demanding Governor Schwarzenegger's officials show up to a hearing Tuesday to answer questions about his role in getting GM a flex-fuel contract. So far, the ...

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    Has the environmental movement been fueled by guilt as suggested by Schwarzenegger?

    According to California governor Schwarzenegger, "California as you know is big, California is powerful and what we do in California has an unbelievable impact, We are sending the world a message, what we are saying is we're going to change the dynamic on greenhouse gases and carbon emissions." ...

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    Desperate Michigan congressman attacks Schwarzenegger with billboard, website over fuel-economy standards

    Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Michigan is already running for re-election, and part of his campaign is to attack California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with a billboard that reads, "Arnold to Michigan: Drop Dead." Somehow, this stupid idea is meant to call attention to federal efforts to ...

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    BP sinks $500 million into bioscience research

    BP has pledged to put $500 million into a new research program that will investigate how bioscience can boost energy production and reduce energy's environmental impacts. A number of institutions have been selected to join with BP in the new Energy Biosciences Institute including the University of ...


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