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Bee Automobiles

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    Bee Automobiles excited about British incentives, releases Bee One details

    Click on the Bee One for a hi-res version
    News of Britain's freshly announced £250 million ($369.4 million) incentive program for plug-in hybrids and electric cars has gotten Bee Automobiles buzzing. They're so excited about the rebate and infrastructure plan that could see the cost of ...

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    Bee Four revives BRM brand, reveals in-wheel motor source

    It's been announced that the electric race car we were telling you about from Bee Automobiles Ltd will now contend for the British Speed Hill Climb Championship in 2010 as the BRM Bee Four ERV. This revives the BRM (British Racing Motors) brand that was born 60 years ago and has a rich and proud ...

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    Bee Automobiles launches with electric hillclimbing racer

    Click above for hi-res version of the Bee.four
    What better way for a young British automotive company to gain recognition for itself and demonstrate its engineering prowess than to enter a revolutionary vehicle into one of the oldest of motorsports, hillclimbing? Perhaps none. And so it is that ...


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