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    2011 Chevrolet Volt to be priced at $41,000, $350/month lease for 36 months

    Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors' recently hired vice-president for sales and marketing Joel Ewanick took the stage at the Plug-In 2010 conference in San Jose, CA today and finally revealed that the 2011 Chevrolet Volt will have a base price of $41,000 ...

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    BREAKING: Tesla and Toyota to develop RAV4 EV, hope to launch in 2012

    Toyota RAV4 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota and Tesla have officially announced that the electric prototypes being developed by the California startup are based on the RAV4 crossover, and the two companies hope to have a production version ready by 2012. When we sat down ...

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    Report: EPA kills Chevy Volt's 230 mpg rating

    2011 Chevrolet Volt in 'Victory Red' – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Remember how big a deal General Motors made about the upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Volt's supposed 230 mile per gallon EPA fuel mileage rating? Well, you can now forget about it. According to USA Today, the Feds have ...

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    Breaking: Toyota possibly already building EV prototype with Tesla battery pack

    During an interview with a group of American media this afternoon in Nagoya, Japan, Toyota president Akio Toyoda revealed that his company is already in the process of building a prototype electric vehicle with a Tesla battery pack. The statement came in response to questions about the ...

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    BREAKING: 10,000 Chevrolet Volts in 2011, 30,000 in 2012

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    During a live video webchat this afternoon, Tony DiSalle, marketing director for the Chevrolet Volt, announced the production volumes for the first two years. General Motors plans to build 10,000 Volts by the end of the 2011 ...

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    Breaking: Tesla shows future products, liquid cooled motor and electronics in IPO road show

    Tesla future models – Click above for more slides from the road show
    var digg_url = ''; The long-delayed initial public offering for Tesla Motors is expected to finally happen as soon as the beginning of next ...

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    BREAKING: Toyota and Tesla to partner on EV production in California

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image
    California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda held a joint press in Palo Alto, California to announce that the two companies would be collaborating on electric vehicle development and production, with ...

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    BREAKING: Governator says Tesla teaming up with Toyota in Cali

    Tesla Model S sedan – click above for high-res image gallery
    California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger has apparently let slip ahead of a scheduled 5pm Pacific announcement that Tesla Motors will be teaming up with Toyota to build electric cars. While some might speculate that the ...

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    New York 2010: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid gets unique look and 37/39 MPG rating [w/video]

    2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It wasn't that many years ago that no one really took the engineering capabilities of Hyundai all that seriously. Thanks to recent introductions like the Genesis coupe and sedan, the Tucson and the Sonata, as well as ...

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    Breaking: Denise Gray leaving General Motors for battery startup

    Since late 2006, Denise Gray has been the director of global battery systems engineering at General Motors and one of the key people working to bring the Chevrolet Volt to fruition. Gray has overseen all of the testing and development of batteries going into plug and non-plug versions of GM ...

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    Gilles: Fiat 500 on sale in U.S. by the end of 2010

    Fiat 500 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ralph Gilles, Dodge CEO and Chrysler Group design head, has just wrapped up an address to the Chicago Economic Club that was peppered with several choice quotes and quips. You can read the Chrysler's PR-filtered version on its Twitter feed, ...

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    U.S. Deparment of Energy gives out $80 million for advanced biofuels

    U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu has been a strong proponent of using more ethanol in the American fuel supply for a long time. His department announced today that it is spending about $80 million of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money to fund advanced biofuels research for ...

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    REPORT: GM will build Cadillac Converj

    2009 Cadillac Converj concept – click above for high-res gallery
    After much hemming and hawing, General Motors will reportedly build a version of the Cadillac Converj, the gorgeous but awkwardly named extended-range coupe concept first shown at last year's Detroit Auto Show. According to ...

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    Beware the biodiesel-ready Scorpion! 2011 Ford Super Duty gets all new 6.7-liter diesel V8

    2011 Ford "Scorpion" Power-Stroke 6.7-liter diesel V8 - click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford's ongoing issues with its long-time heavy duty diesel engine supplier, Navistar, will soon be coming to an end. The 2011 edition of the Ford Super Duty pickups will get an all-new, in-house ...

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    Breaking: Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid reborn as new Buick crossover

    2011 Buick "Vue" Two-Mode hybrid - click above for high res gallery
    GM CEO Fritz Henderson may not believe in re-badging Pontiacs for other GM brands, but it looks like at least one Saturn model will live on. The mid-size Vue crossover will become a Buick in 2011, and a plug-in hybrid will be ...

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    Ford gets first DoE loan, Nissan and Tesla expected winners

    Ford Focus EV Mule - Click above for high-res gallery
    The U.S. Department of Energy will finally announce the first recipient of low interest loans under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program. The first winner is Ford, and analysts expect the DoE to announce Nissan and ...

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    BREAKING: House, Senate reach terms on 'Cash for Clunkers' program - but only with $1B in funding

    According to The Detroit News, the House and Senate came to terms late last night on a $1 billion 'cash for clunkers' initiative. Part of a larger $106 billion wartime spending bill, the program is not yet law, as the finalized bill must be passed by Congress (it is expected to be voted on next ...

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    BREAKING: Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla for libel, slander and breach of contract

    The only thing surprising about Martin Eberhard's latest move is that it took so long to happen. Eberhard was co-founder of Tesla Motors along with Mark Tarpenning, and he was ousted from the company in November 2007 by then-chairman Elon Musk. Musk has never been one to hide his feelings about ...

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    VIDEO: Tesla may announce new strategic investor this week

    A keen observer happened to note the presence of a Tesla Roadster outside a Mexican restaurant somewhere the other day and as he was snapping some pics, the owner walked up. The owner offered to take this civilian for a ride around the block in the Roadster, which said passenger video-taped on his ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler headed into bankruptcy as debt talks fail

    It looks like the concessions and government intervention aren't going to be enough to keep Chrysler out of bankruptcy. The AP is reporting that talks between Chrysler's lenders and the Treasury Department have broken down, meaning the company will not be able to reduce its $6.9 billion in secured ...


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