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Ed Begley Jr

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    Mercedes helps Hollywood's eco-chic get more "chic" with their "eco"

    Robert Downey Jr. on set with his Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid
    As America's patron saint of automobiles Jay Leno likes to say, we Americans want people to know about the good things we're doing anonymously. That's got to be at least part of the reason so many celebs ditched their limos for ...

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    Ford awarded Green Choice Award from Natural Health magazine

    2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res gallery
    Natural Heath magazine has decided to honor Ford Motor Company with its Green Choice award. The magazine cited the automaker for its efforts to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles like the new Fusion and Milan hybrids in ...

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    Living with Ed checks out SEMA, Jay Leno's green rides on Sunday

    Ed Begley, Jr.'s new green reality show, Living With Ed, premiered on HGTV on the first of the year. While I'm sure most of our readers would be interested in a lot of the environmental issues Mr. Boba Fett (yes, he played Boba Fett on the radio back in the day) bounty hunts on his show each week, ...

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    SEMA Sitdown: 5 minutes with Ed Begley Jr.

    As one of the most recognized environmental advocates around, Ed Begley Jr. can be a lightning rod for criticism and is often a target for jokes on late-night television. Sometimes his enthusiasm comes off as preaching; but he is true to the cause, living an environmentally-focused lifestyle that ...

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    SEMA Show 2006: Ed Begley Jr. promotes Phoenix SUT, encourages aftermarket involvement with EVs

    Ed Begley Jr. says the aftermarket should look at electric vehicles and hybrids. While promoting the Phoenix Motorcars sport-utility truck, Begley acknowledged that electric vehicles have "lacked style," and that the aftermarket should embrace the segment. "We need SEMA. We need to work with all ...


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