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    Surprised? Zenn Motors stock not so hot after tie-up with EEStor

    Back in September, Zenn Motors announced an "updated business strategy" that included a new focus we'd call questionable at best and disastrous at its worst. Zenn's new strategy was to abandon any efforts to actually make vehicles and turn its entire attention to that mythical EEStor ...

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    EESTOR gets a bad rap (actually, it's kind of good)

    Coming to you live from yesterday's EVCast, beatmasters Bo and Ryan have put together a mix using audio from the leaked audio of Dick Weir to highlight some of EESTOR's missed promises. It's got a beat, and the "jokes," such as they are, are really only for insiders. Still, if you know the ...

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    Did EESTOR miss another deadline? Signs are pointing to "yes"

    is it officially time to give up on EESTOR? Technically, we have 12 months to wait and see if Ian Clifford, the CEO of Zenn Motors, comes through on his promise to demonstrate the semi-magical-sounding energy storage unit in 2010. But silence from company that is partnering with EESTOR on the ...

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    GM: Volt plus EEStor could work ... if EESU worked

    2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are 16 days left in the month of December. Besides being time for most Americans to kick their Christmas shopping sessions into high gear and start planning their resolutions for 2010, it also means that there's precious little time ...

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    How can EEStor be valued at $1.5 billion?

    We've long given up on waiting for announcements from EEStor (and, to a lesser degree, their partner ZENN) to come true. But, with the latest move by ZENN to drop their plans to launch the cityZENN high-speed electric car and will instead focus on becoming a supplier of ZENNergy Drive electric ...

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    REPORT: public demonstrations of EESTOR's sectretive EESU next month?

    Last month, we got a glimpse inside EEStor's ultracapacitor progress thanks to a leaked audio clip – admittedly, possibly on purpose – of someone interviewing EEStor CEO Dick Weir. At that time, Weir said that the EESU packs would be coming soon and promised demonstrations for 2010. ...

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    EEStor information overload (not a typo) in leaked interview with CEO Dick Weir

    For about six hours recently, a leaked (we assume it was leaked) audiotape of someone speaking with EEStor CEO Dick Weir was available on Yahoo! video. Before the video was yanked, enterprising electric car fans managed to record the audio and have made it available around the net. What's amazing ...

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    ZENN: Trust us, the EESTOR thing is totally cool, like $700,000 cool

    Hype maintenance can be hard work. Following the Earth Day announcement that the EEStor ultracapacitor had passed independent tests that showed it had a relative permittivity of 22,500, the automaker most closely tied to the secretive company, ZENN, has come out to say two things. First, the test ...

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    Hype maintenance continues: EEStor issues update, correction

    Granted, the update and correction that EEStor released yesterday regarding their "huge milestone" Earth Day announcement aren't that major, but we can't ignore it at this point. First, the update is that the "relative permittivity certification" stuff was done at a temperature range of -20 and 65 ...

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    EEStor "permittivity" follow-up, by someone who knows (Daryl Siry)

    Following EEStor's permittivity announcement on Earth Day last week, I wrote a post that ended with a call for our readers to determine if the stated "relative permittivity of 22,500" was a big deal or not. There were some educated responses (thank you), but one refrain that kept appearing was that ...

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    EEStor comes up with an Earth Day announcement - it's "a huge milestone"

    Delays, hype, and more delays. This is the short history of EEStor, the company that keeps on talking about what is supposed to be an ultracapacitor that reinvents electric drive vehicle energy storage. Whatever is really going on, EEStor did put out a press release for Earth Day that keeps beating ...

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    EEStor gets patent for EESU, we get some details

    Stop the presses! We've finally got some real information regarding EEStor's highly secretive capacitor-based energy storage system, though it's not exactly coming from the company itself. It seems that EEStor recently filed for patents of its new technology, which centers around a core of aluminum ...

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    ZENN founder remains committedly-non-committal on EEStor

    The Globe and Mail has published a online question and answer session between readers and Ian Clifford, founder of ZENN Motors. Aside from assembling a neighborhood electric vehicle in Canada, ZENN has garnered attention for its involvement with EEStor. The latter has made some big claims about a ...

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    EEStor won't be delivering any production ultra-caps this year

    Over the past couple of years a number of companies have burst onto the alternative fuel vehicle scene with big claims and little in the way of actual product. Not the least among these has been EEStor, a privately-held Texas company that claimed a major breakthrough in ultra capacitor technology. ...

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    ZENN claims they will launch EEStor-powered EV in fall 2009

    At ZENN annual shareholder meeting in Toronto yesterday, company officials made a big announcement about their plans to move beyond mere neighborhood electric vehicles. They plan to launch a model called the cityZENN which will be a fully certified electric car with 80 mph top speed and 250-mile ...

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    EDTA Conference: Secret effects of EESTOR ultracapacitor info from ZENN Motor CEO

    At the end of the day yesterday, I snagged a few minutes with ZENN Motor Company CEO Ian Clifford by the EDTA Conference refreshments table and posed the question that Darin left in the comments when I asked what readers wanted to know more about: what's up with this secretive EESTOR ...


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