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    SF Bay Area receives $5M grant to fund installation of 5,000-plus chargers

    As the U.S. readies for an expected onslaught of electric vehicles (EVs), the San Francisco Bay Area is quickly becoming one of the regions that's particularly well-prepared for EVs. In late 2008, mayors from the Bay Area joined together to approve a multi-billion dollar plan that would eventually ...

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    Auto execs question need for widespread public charging infrastructure

    Earlier this week, automotive execs came together to discuss the future of the industry at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, MI. As Green Car Advisor reports, one of the sessions at the seminar was titled "Full-scale Deployment: Making the Business ...

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    How electric vehicle chargers will be like fire hydrants

    Companies working to build streetside electric vehicle chargers face a lot of obstacles. From deciding where to install them to worries about vandals unplugging the cord, there are a lot of issues that have nothing to do with the vehicle or the charging technology. Earlier today, when thinking ...

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    EU aims to have electric vehicle standards finalized by 2012

    Automakers, consumers and governments across the globe almost unanimously agree that electric vehicles (EVs) need an international set of standards. However, agreeing on these guidelines at the international level is a painstakingly long and difficult process. The European Union is no longer ...

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    Study: 4.7 million EV chargers coming worldwide by 2015

    According to a new study conducted by Pike Research, the number of electric vehicle (EV) charge points across the globe will reach 4.7 million by 2015. That's so many that the study suggests that the charging market will become overly crowded by next year. As the EV charging market emerges, lesser ...

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    Congress to introduce bills to provide $11 billion for plug-in vehicle deployment

    A pair of identical bills, the "Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Acts," are expected to be introduced in the U.S. Congress today that would provide up to $11 billion in additional funding to spur deployment of electric vehicles (EVs). The hope is to get up to 4 million EVs on the road by 2017, a ...

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    Epyon Unveils Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles During Nissan LEAF Tour in Amsterdam

    More and more fast charging system will hit the streets over the next decade as electric vehicles become more common. As the market grows, more and more players will enter the space. One of them, Netherlands-based Epyon, showed off its new fast charger this week in Amsterdam along with a public ...

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    Want to reduce your stress and live a slower-pace lifestyle? Drive an electric car

    Tesla Roadster - Click above for high res. image gallery
    Can electric vehicles effectively reduce stress and lead to a slower-pace lifestyle? That may sound like an advertisement for some sort of new lifestyle drug, but let's jump in a little deeper to understand this claim. Last week, Tesla ...

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    Nissan signs MOU with GE for expanded smart charging infrastructure

    With the launch of the Nissan Leaf closing in fast and the supporting infrastructure still a bit lacking, it really comes as no surprise that the company continues to seek more Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). The latest MOU, a three-year deal signed with General Electric, will focus solely on ...

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    Scientist wants automakers held accountable for how electricty is generated for plug-ins

    A lot of interesting conversation takes place annually at the SAE World Congress. The conference brings together heads of companies, scientists, engineers and people from many other walks of life. With so much diversity present at a single event, it's only a matter of time before some off-the-wall ...

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    Greenlings: What realistic electric vehicle recharging options are there for apartment dwellers?

    One of the challenges to making electric vehicles (EVs) "work" in the real world is figuring out how, where and when to recharge them. If you have a garage, then those questions kind of answer themsleves. You come home, take 15 seconds to plug the car into the wall and undo the plug in the ...

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    SemaConnect's new charging system allows owners to sell electricity to electric car owners

    SemaConnect charger - Click above for high-res gallery
    Right now, most producers of electric vehicle chargers have concentrated their efforts on charging systems that can be utilized by commercial fleets, gas station franchises and city agencies. Market demands for charging systems in high-use ...

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    California homebuilder offers to pre-wire homes for electric vehicle charging

    Chevrolet Volt home charging – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If electric cars are ever to make a serious dent in the new vehicle market, owners will have to be prepared to charge their vehicles at home on an almost nightly basis. But, as some early drivers of the Mini E and Tesla ...

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    Will curb-side charging fall prey to vandals and miscreants?

    As we were discussing an upcoming story related to a certain extended range EV with some colleagues the other day, a potentially serious problem for EVs came up. The primary market for plug-in vehicles for the foreseeable future will be urban areas where the range limitations of battery-powered ...

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    How do I plug my electric vehicle in at home?

    As electric vehicles begin to find their way to peoples driveways and garages, knowing what's involved with charging up the batteries becomes more necessary. Over the years, electric vehicles (EVs) have used different kinds of batteries and employed different types of chargers and connectors, so ...

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    SunPods make solar electric vehicle charging quick and easy (to install)

    While solar panels are not yet efficient enough to plop down on an electric vehicle's roof and charge as you go, the idea of powering an EV with the sun is tremendously appealing. A new system called SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go by SunPods is currently being used in San Jose to collect the sun's rays for ...

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    Seattle electric vehicle advocates ready for new charging infrastructure, federal investment

    2010 Nissan Leaf EV - Click above for hi-res image gallery
    When Nissan announced the cities where the first 5,000 Nissan Leafs would be sold – Tennessee, Oregon, San Diego, Seattle and the Phoenix/Tucson region in Arizona – it picked those areas for their likely high rates of electric ...

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    UK electronics retailer Comet offers free EV charging [w/VIDEO]

    One of the big arguments that EV proponents make against the concept of range anxiety is that businesses and public parking areas can install charging stations allowing drivers to top up when parked. Businesses could even offer free charging as an enticement to draw in customers. Few however, have ...

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    Nissan teams up with AeroVironment to charge electric cars in D.C.

    "No electric vehicle charging company left behind." That seems to be the mantra over at Nissan with the announcement that it has partnered with AeroVironment and the District of Columbia to install infrastructure to accommodate the hundreds of electric vehicles it envisions will be put to use by ...


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