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    Car2go to seriously expand in Europe with Europcar partnership

    Daimler wants to "revolutionize mobility" throughout Europe, and will do so with the the big-time expansion of its Car2go-Europcar joint venture called Car2go Europe GmbH. Car2go Europe aims to launch its easy car-sharing service in some 40 to 50 European cities in the near future, and is set to ...

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    Car2go Smart Fortwos headed to France with Europcar partnership

    The simple, amazing, but not quite perfect Daimler Car2go car-sharing program is headed to France with the assistance of Europcar. Within a month, Lyon will become the first city in France to participate in Car2go with a fleet of 200 on-demand Smart Fortwo commuter cars. A 44-square-kilometer ...

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    Europcar adds Peugeot iOn to rental vehicle fleet

    Last March, rental agency Europcar pre-ordered 500 electric vehicles from Renault to add to its fleets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In July 2011, Europcar was back at it, adding an undisclosed amount of the "go anywhere at any time" Opel Amperas to its fleet. Now, Europcar will add ...

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    Europcar to add Opel Ampera to fleet of rental vehicles

    Last March, rental agency Europcar, pre-ordered 500 electric vehicles from Renault to add to its fleets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Now, Europcar is back at it again. This time 'round, the rental agency has announced that it will add an undisclosed amount of the "go anywhere at any ...

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    Europcar to offer Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell electric van rentals

    Mercedes-Benz and Europcar, a Paris-based automotive rental company owned by French investment firm Eurazeo, have teamed up to offer commercial electric van rentals to customers on a trial basis in Hamburg, Germany and Paris by the end of 2011. The deal calls for M-B to supply Europcar with a ...

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    Daimler and Europcar bring Car2go car-sharing service to Hamburg, Germany

    A few weeks ago, we saw Paris announce its Autolib car sharing program, and now Hamburg, Germany is going to get a similar program. Daimler and Europcar has announced a joint venture, Car2go Hamburg GmbH – an expansion of Daimler's Car2go services in Ulm, Germany and Austin, TX – will ...

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    Europcar pre-orders 500 electric vehicles from Renault, coming to rental fleets in 2011

    Avis isn't the only rental car company interested in Renault's electric vehicles (EVs). Europcar announced last fall that it would work with the Renault-Nissan alliance to put EVs into the rental fleet in Europe (and Australia and New Zealand) sometime in 2010. The rental agency has now ...

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    City of Paris and Europcar fight for Autolib' trade name

    The story of the Paris' easy EV rental project, dubbed Autolib', is not a bed of roses. First of all, there were continuous delays announcing the specifics of the service. Finally, we found out it would consist of 3,000 cars that will be available 24/7 at a cost of €5 per half an hour. Now, ...

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    Downsizing: businesses in Europe shifting to smaller rental cars

    Audi A3 TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Most likely due to the current economic downturn, most business rentals are getting smaller. According to a new report by rent-a-car company Europcar of the latest rentals in 18 European countries, price is now a determining factor for ...

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    Nissan and Europcar announce new partnership for electric car rentals

    Hey look, another new Renault-Nissan partnership to promote EVs. Today, a new alliance with Europcar was announced that will make electric vehicles available for customer rentals starting in 2010. The car will first be available in Europe (specifically, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, ...

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    Europcar offers 20 percent discount on flex-fuel rentals in Paris

    Are you traveling to Paris in the near future? Do you want to rent a car? Europcar and Aéroports de Paris have announced that during the Sustainable Development Week (until April 7th), car rentals for E85-compatible vehicles will be discounted 20 percent. The available vehicles include the ...

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    Europcar UK adds CO2 data to vehicle information

    Europcar and National are going to include their rental car's CO2 emissions - along with size and transmissions - in vehicle descriptions in the United Kingdom. The idea is that cars will now be grouped according to how much they pollute. The lowest emissions group will feature vehicles with ...


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