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    Fuelish Rewards: French Police to give away free gas to good drivers

    Bad drivers get tickets. Good drivers get... um, to keep driving. Hardly seems fair. Shouldn't good drivers be rewarded in some way for their efforts to remain calm and composed even when other more reckless drivers are screaming by them in traffic? At least in France for the next few weekends, ...

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    Rent a car in Europe, get some free gas

    Although auto manufacturers in Europe are not all that excited about the prospect of giving away free or low-cost fuel as an enticement to purchase their vehicles, at least one rental car company has decided to give it a go. Auto Europe will be giving customers a free gas card worth $30, which ...

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    Non-auto related businesses giving away free gas

    By now, you are surely aware of the gas promotions being run by auto companies such as Chrysler and Suzuki. While these programs have proved unsuccessful overall, this has not stopped other industries from jumping on the bandwagon. For instance, such diverse companies as Callaway Golf, Hasbro ...

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    Ride a scooter in Denver? Want some free gas? Get some this Saturday!

    Not much to write about this particular story, other than the fact that scooter riders who happen to be in Denver, Colorado can get free gas this Saturday. The reason? They want to thank you for helping save the environment! "FREE GAS for scooterists from Erico Motorsports!! Any scooter that shows ...


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