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    Sen. Voinovich (R-OH) calls for a raise to the gas tax

    It takes one of two things for a politician to support a hike in the gas tax: courage or no interest in a political future. Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) has at least one of these aspects and made his case for a bigger gas tax in a letter to members of President Obama's debt commission:

    A ...

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    Study: Americans prefer tolls over fuel taxes... how about you?

    One fact seems indisputable: Americans have come to hate taxes and any suggestion by a politician to raise them is tantamount to political suicide. The problem is that public infrastructure requires funding – and lots of it. Critics of this disparity would argue that a lack of political ...

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    UK committee says fuel prices must stay high to force drivers into efficient cars

    We all love to see high fuel prices, right? Well, some of us might, but the majority of us would rather not pay through the roof for a gallon of gas. There's definitely a consensus that high gas prices are good for the environment in many ways, but few of us are willing to foot the bill to help out ...

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    What's the "real" cost of gas? Dollar figures don't tell the whole story

    Opening an article with the question, "how much does gas cost?" seems like it requires a fairly straightforward answer. You could hop in your car, drive to the nearest gas station and answer it in no time. Similarly, you could hit up the site GasBuddy and find an answer even quicker. Using either ...

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    Infrastructurist, Fox Business reasonably discuss why raising the gas tax is a good idea

    Gas tax discussion on Fox Business – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The discussion over raising the national gas tax has hit Fox Business. On a show called You Make It They Take It, Fox host Brian Sullivan and Infrastructurist editor Melissa Lafsky had a short but reasonable ...

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    Taxes drive gas prices to over $7 a gallon in UK, mass boycott coming soon

    Through the power of Facebook, up to a half a million drivers in the UK are expected to boycott gas next month shortly before the nation heads to the polls for a general election in which Prime Minister (PM) Gordon Brown is fighting stiff competition for the win. Many Brits are upset with recent ...

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    U.S. demand for gasoline sets all-time record for March, trend expected to continue throughout summer

    Apparently the slew of hybrids and a handful of electric vehicles on the roads here have had little, if any, impact on gasoline consumption. The numbers for March show that we are more thirsty for the stuff than ever. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), our refineries produced more ...

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    KGLERB stands for potential fuel tax increase based on carbon content in U.S.

    The cosmic oil-consumption scales have been tipping back and forth a lot this week. On Tuesday, Nissan revealed that its all-electric Leaf will be priced lower than most of us expected. On Wednesday, President Obama announced that we'll be ramping up our off-shore drilling efforts on the East ...

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    Consumer attitude data proves it once again: gas is too cheap in America

    In the summer of 2008, we saw Americans respond pretty quickly to gas that cost $4 a gallon (or more). Now that we've had time to adjust to average prices a little bit north of $2.50 in most parts of the country for the last half year or so, what will it take to get people to say, "Hey, gas costs ...

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    DC 2010: Ford CEO Mulally says "we are going to continue to work with the U.S. government" on energy policy

    Ford Motor Company president and chief executive officer Alan Mulally gave the keynote speech at the Washington Auto Show today, touting Ford's product line-up and "best in class" attitude. What we were interested in, though, was Ford's efforts in making more efficient vehicles – and ...

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    Gas tax pop quiz: how long since it's been raised?

    Usually, when we talk about a gas tax around these parts, it's because someone – the CEO of Ford, maybe, or just us – brings it up as a way to create demand for more fuel efficient vehicles. A higher gas tax could also help fix the national infrastructure while it makes people think ...

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    Higher gas taxes in Georgia, a case study

    Now and again, talk of a higher national gas tax in the U.S. bubbles up into the discussion. Compared to the rest of the world, transportation fuel in the U.S. is pretty cheap, so there's a case to be made for raising it and to use the money to research more efficient vehicles and to improve ...

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    Perennial wishes: Auto industry execs calling for higher gas tax yet again

    How often do the Wall Street Journal, Bill Ford, Jr. and Thomas Friedman agree on something? When it's the gas tax, it's 100 percent of the time, and now a number of auto executives have added their voices in favor of a gas tax in order to reach the end goal of getting more fuel efficient ...

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    Friedman in the fray: gas tax redux

    The idea of implementing a gas tax is becoming as regular in the national debate as the seasons. Those in favor: the Wall Street Journal and Bill Ford, Jr. Those opposed: John McCain (remember him?). New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman brought the debate back this weekend in his latest ...

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    Why not a higher gas tax?

    Yesterday, we asked where government spending for plug-in hybrid conversions is at? In the discussion that followed, some readers said they preferred to see higher gas taxes instead of a move by the government to take sides and try to figuring out which technology would best help us move off of ...

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    Could rebates help sell a gas tax?

    Lots of folks think implementing a gas tax would be better than CAFE to help steer consumers toward buying more fuel efficient vehicles. This, in turn, could shrink our national clown-shoe carbon footprint, reduce pollution as well as give a boost to new technologies such as electric vehicles. So ...

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    WSJ Column: Higher gas taxes better strategy than CAFE to save GM

    Chevy Cruze - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford and AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson were just two voices that spoke out in favor of a higher gas tax earlier this year. While we took the Cato Institute's Alan Reynolds to task for muddying the waters of the ...

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    EDITORIAL: Attention Wall Street Journal - Ford does not use Toyota's hybrid system!

    2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery
    in an op-ed piece published in the Wall Street Journal, Alan Reynolds of the Cato Institute starts by making a few decent points about fuel taxation and fuel economy rules. Unfortunately, he undermines himself with some blatant ...

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    Bill Ford calls for an increased gas tax

    By now you've surely noticed that gas prices have stabilized at around $2 a gallon (or less, depending on location) in the United States. That's about half of what gas cost just about one year ago, which is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it. Add Bill Ford, Executive ...

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    Institute of Advanced Motorists teaches how to cancel out UK fuel duty rise

    Recently, the government in the UK decided to raise its fuel duty by 2.12p per liter. While a gas tax increase is rarely popular, this small rise isn't that difficult to overcome, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists. The idea is that a mild change in driving habits can more than make ...


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