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HOV lane access

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    Ford C-Max Energi gains access to New York HOV lanes

    When car owners brag about buying a plug-in electric vehicle, it's not unusual to hear them mention high occupancy vehicle (HOV) carpool lane stickers as one of the key perks. Thus, it wasn't surprising to see Ford issue a press release saying New York car buyers can now get carpool lane stickers ...

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    Chevrolet Volt will not be eligible for HOV-lane access until mid-2012 *UPDATE

    Prospective owners of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf shouldn't get too excited about driving in California carpool lanes as soon as they take delivery. Late Tuesday night California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed SB 535 into law, extending access to the high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes ...

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    Honda FCX Clarity, Civic GX still get HOV lane access in California

    Honda next-generation solar hydrogen station – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Recently California passed a rule that extended access to the state's carpool lanes for zero and ultra low emission vehicles until 2015. Part of that regulation update included the phase-out of access ...

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    Maryland approves HOV access, $2,000 tax break for plug-ins

    Drivers in Maryland now have two new reasons to opt for a plug-in electric vehicle the next time go new car shopping. Governor Martin O'Malley (above) has reportedly signed bills this week that provide for car pool lane access for plug-in vehicles and a new $2,000 tax break. The High Occupancy ...


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