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    Greening up parking lots means pricing them better, turning them into actual parks

    Your car is not doing any environmental damage when it's parked, is it? Maybe not directly, but the simple act of parking plays an important role in enabling people to drive more without really considering the consequences or alternatives and, more importantly, creates a lot of emissions while ...

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    Report: Number of cars in the U.S. dropped by four million in 2009 - is America's love affair ending?

    2009 was not a good year for car sales. No surprises there. An interesting side effect of lowered sales last year, though, is that the total number of vehicles in the overall U.S. car fleet dropped. There were 250 million cars here in 2008, and only 246 million at the end of 2009. We may have ...

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    Earth Policy Institute suggests moratorium on launching new ethanol plants

    Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute says there is little reliable data available to correctly gauge how much grain is needed to feed ethanol distilleries. The federal government says 60 million tons of corn from the 2008 harvest will go to ethanol plants. EPI predicts nearly 140 million ...

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    Poor could lose out in world ethanol market

    Lester Brown, the president of the Earth Policy Institute said yesterday that the increase in ethanol production around the world could one day hurt the world's poor as foodstuffs like corn and soybeans are turned into ethanol. Brown said, "This is shaping up as competition between the 800 million ...


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