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Minimoto SX

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    Brammo to challenge other electrics, gassers in MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross 2011

    Electric motocross machines will face off against both each other and gas-powered bikes again this year at the 2011 MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross in Las Vegas, and a new manufacturer will be in the mix looking for some respect in the dirt. Brammo is throwing its hat in the motocross ring that ...

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    Electric motorcycles kick gas at Minimoto SX Energy Crisiscross

    Zero Motorcycles at Minimoto SX 2010 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    "They would kick their anthropomorphized butts back to the factories from whence they came, preferably for recycling." This statement appears to be the long-sought answer to the question of how today's electric ...

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    Quantya, Zero Motorcycles to take on gassers at MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross

    The MiniMoto SX kicks off in Las Vegas on the 6th of May and both Quantya USA and Zero Motorcycles will be representin'. This time, the race won't be merely a battle between the two brands but rather a contest that pits the old gas-powered paradigm against the new electric drivetrains in an open ...

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    Quantya Track bests Zero X in Las Vegas

    In the first battle royale between the all-electric motocross bikes from Quantya and Zero Motorcycles, it appears that Swiss precision has bested American muscle. Each manufacturer sent 5 bikes to compete in a special electric event at the AMA/Maxxis MiniMoto Supercross race and when all the laps ...

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    Quantya vs Zero: Electric motorbikes to lock horns in Las Vegas

    It's on now. The Quantya Track and the Zero X all-electric dirtbikes plan to meet up in Las Vegas this Friday and we're pretty sure the rendezvous has nothing to do with getting married by Elvis and everything to do with racing. The two companies are each sending five bikes to Sin City where they ...


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