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    Ecotality loses legal challenge to California's settlement with NRG

    A California appellate court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for its legal settlement earlier this year granting energy utility NRG more than $102.5 million to install electric vehicle charging networks in the state. Ecotality, an electric ...

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    Chicago: Toyota's odd hybrid promotions include "Prius Kingdom" and Monopoly

    In an effort to spur sales, Toyota seems willing to try just about anything to promote its hybrid lineup. Whether that's a Monopoly-themed booth at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show or a new twist on nature-spotting safaris with the new Prius Kingdom website, the Japanese automaker is certainly letting ...

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    Chicago: Toyota, Hasbro will create Monopoly 'course' at Chicago Auto Show

    Could Toyota be dropping us all a hint about its place in the hybrid-vehicle world? The Japanese automaker is teaming up with board-game maker Hasbro to create a mini road course based on the Monopoly board game at the Chicago Auto Show, which Toyota will use to pitch its latest batch of hybrid ...

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    AFVI 2008: we present to you the lifesize Monopoly Prius

    click to enlargeRemember the big deal it was when the "Here & Now" version of Monopoly came out and there was a Prius pawn inside? Well, there's Monopoly Prius standing guard at the entry way to the AFVI expo hall here in Las Vegas this week. The hybrid is totally decked out in Monopoly money ...

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    New Monopoly game board features Toyota Prius

    A modern update of the popular board game Monopoly now offers a Toyota Prius as one of the player tokens. Other new tokens include McDonald's fries and a computer.The revised game called "Monopoly: Here and Now Edition" was unveiled Tuesday and features new properties in addition to new game ...


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