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    Detroit: Bub Lutz, Via Motors introducing plug-in hybrid truck at Detroit

    When Bob Lutz joined forces with hybrid conversion company Via Motors earlier this fall, we wrote that, "it's unclear exactly what kind of role Lutz will play in the company or what his duties will be." Turns out that at least one of his assignments will be to take to the stage at the Detroit ...

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    Via Motors offers Raser E-REV truck tech for fleets in 2011, individuals in 2013

    If you liked the E-REV powertrain that Raser Technologies brought to SAE 2009 (and later, to the Moab) wrapped up in a Hummer H3 and wondered when that tech might get commercialized, well, wonder no more. Via Motors has now emerged to do just that. While there hasn't yet been a blaring of ...

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    VIDEO: Raser Tech ER-EV Hummer H3 goes to Moab to demonstrate green off-roading

    Raser Hummer PHEV – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Off-road driving is a controversial past-time. The drivers who do it love the challenge of getting across seemingly impassable terrain hopefully without destroying their vehicles. Environmentalists, on the other hand, point out ...

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    Report: Raser Technologies still interested in Hummer

    Raser Hummer H3 ER-EV Prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Hummer brand seems to be going down kicking and streaming. Just days after it was reported that General Motors informed its dealers that it was closing out Hummer this month, a new name has popped up as a potential ...

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    Raser roadtests Hummer H3E, revises figures [w/VIDEO]

    Raser Hummer H3E demonstration vehicle – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Raser Technologies proudly showed off its extended-range Hummer H3E at SAE 2009 earlier in the year and loudly proclaimed its ability to travel for 40 miles in electric mode and achieve 100 mpg. While that ...

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    Americans "need" big trucks, says Sen. Hatch, and the Raser Hummer EV is just right

    Raser Technolgies plug-in HUMMER H3 - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Worried that the Obama Administration's latest CAFE requirements will put the hurt to big trucks? Fret not, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has got your back. At an event held in the nation's capital, Hatch got the chance to ...

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    SAE 2009: Raser unveils 100 mpg ER-EV Hummer H3 prototype

    Click above for a high res gallery of the Raser electric Hummer H3
    Raser Technologies unveiled the prototype vehicle for its extended range electric vehicle yesterday morning at the SAE World Congress. Raser and development partners FEV took the iconic bad boy of the environmental movement, a ...

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    SAE 2009: FEV will bring Dodge Caliber plug-in hybrid concept to Cobo

    We're looking forward to seeing Raser's plug-in 100 mpge HUMMER at the SAE World Congress next week. Raser's partner in that project, FEV, will also bring along a Dodge Caliber to Cobo Hall next week, one that has had a powertrain transplant and now runs off of electrons as well as gasoline in a ...

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    Raser Technologies E-REV SUV coming to Detroit, promises 100+ mpg

    Last year at the SAE World Congress, Raser Technologies announced it had, along with FEV, designed a plug-in hybrid powertrain for large trucks. Earlier this year, Pacific Gas and Electric ordered two converted vehicles that use this lithium ion system for testing in their fleet. The potentially ...

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    PG&E to purchase 2 plug-in hybrid SUVs from Raser Technologies

    We learned of Raser Technologies' extended range electric vehicle architecture that it had developed for larger truck applications at last year's SAE World Congress. The company has received an order from Pacific Gas and Electric for two SUVs equipped with its drivetrain. PG&E becomes the first ...

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    SAE Congress '08: Raser shows off ER-EV powertrain for trucks, demos in Q3

    We got a chance to sort of check out the Raser Technologies series hybrid/extended range EV powertrain at the SAE Congress in Detroit this week. I say sort of because what is on display are some bits and pieces that display the layout of the components in the system. Raser is currently working with ...

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    Raser and FEV will work on a 100 mpg plug-in hybrid (yawn)

    Man, what's up with Raser and FEV? Right at the end of October, Raser put out a press release that talked about how the two companies would work together on a 100 mpg plug-in hybrid. Then, at the end of November, Raser put out another release (after the jump), that just says the same thing. Raser ...

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    Raser and FEV announce new plug-in hybrid demo vehicle

    Two companies we don't much notice here on AutoblogGreen, Raser Technologies and FEV Engine Technology, have announced a plan to develop a plug-in hybrid demonstration vehicle. While the key "100 mpg" target is highlighted in the press release, the type of vehicle (make, model, or even broad ...

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    Raser to show off a new electric motor at EVS-22

    In all the progress and developments we've seen on with hybrids, electric cars and fuel cells, it's a bit strange how little we've reported on the advancement of electric motors. That's something that Raser is definitely looking to change. At the 22nd Electric Vehicle Symposium (October 22 to 28) ...


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