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    Greenlings: Which is greener, having two wheels or four?

    Vespa S 50 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    So, you want to go green. There are many obvious ways to reduce your environmental impact, and one of them is by driving a cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicle. But that raises a number of questions, doesn't it? What are your choices when ...

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    214 mpg with DIY aerodynamic fairings on a Honda 125cc motorbike

    Putting an aerodynamic fairing around a motorcycle or scooter certainly isn't a new concept. Sometimes, though, major efficiency gains aren't as easy to come by as first expected. That's why Dutch efficiency enthusiast Allert Jacobs' successes are so amazing. So far, Jacobs has improved his Honda ...

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    Motorcycle Industry Council: Two-wheelers are green

    2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 - Click above to enlarge
    We often hear debates about the merits of riding motorcycles and scooters for environmental reasons. For sure, older bikes manufactured before emissions equipment were prevalent are significantly more polluting than most modern automobiles. On ...

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    Does a scooter pollute more than a HUMMER? Not likely

    We've run across recent reports on the internet that suggest that scooters pollute more than HUMMERS (any SUV, really). If true, that would be a shot across the bow of many scooterists who like to think they are making a conscious effort to have a smaller impact on the environment. So, is it true? ...


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