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    Opinion: Tata eMO electric vehicle still on the drawing board

    Aystery still shrouds the presence of Tata Motors in the US auto market. The Tata eMO concept car received a lot of attention and praise a year ago at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show as an "electric mobility study." Oh, and because it sported a $20,000 price tag and roomy interior. On the gasoline ...

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    Report: Ratan Tata hopes to restart Nano sales after fiery start [w/video]

    When India's Tata introduced the Nano in 2009 at about $2,500, it was a hot-seller. It was expected to set the world on fire with demand for cheap wheels. In fact, a year after its rollout, the Nano almost did set the world on fire after at least three units burned to a crisp. Sales plummeted to ...

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    Report: Tata works with French company on sub-$20,000 EV

    Yes, the car will still cost less than $20,000. No, we still don't know when it's coming out. India-based Tata Motors is working with France-based Dassualt Systems at developing more technology for the eMO ("electric mobility") electric vehicle that's so far only appeared in concept form, the ...

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    Geneva: Tata Megapixel is a high-res effort on a low-res budget

    What's the next Tata Nano going to look like? The Megapixel concept is a good indication of where the Indian brand's ultra cheap micro-car could be headed in the next few years, and if the onboard tech makes it to production, the Megapixel could be one of the most compelling – and most ...

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    Official: A123 announces plans to make battery packs for Tata hybrid buses

    A123, the battery company that supplies lithium-ion battery packs for companies such as Fisker Automotive, BMW and General Motors, will produce battery packs for hybrid-electric buses made by Tata Motors, India's biggest automaker. The battery packs will be used in Tata's hybrid city buses ...

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    Report: Tata unveiling Manza Hybrid concept at New Delhi show

    Tata Motors will unveil a hybrid-electric version of its Tata Manza at the Auto Expo 2012 show in New Delhi next week, as the India-based automaker continues to hint at including electric-drive vehicles in its fleet. The Tata Manza Hybrid concept car will include lithium-ion batteries, ...

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    Official: Tata Nano gets upgrades, looks to beat sluggish sales

    Tata is out to battle lukewarm demand for the company's Nano with a range of improvements to the world's least-expensive new vehicle. Engineers have upped the Nano's power and fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions at the same time. The vehicle's 624-cc engine now produces a whopping 37.5 ...

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    Rajasthan, India offering free Tata Nano in exchange for your sterilization

    According to a 2011 census, India has a population of 1,210,193,422 people. That's 17.47 percent of the world's population living on just 2.3 percent of the planet. The only place more crowded is a new In-N-Out at lunch time. Health officials in India are looking for novel ways to drum up ...

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    Electric Tata Indica Vista is no Nissan Leaf

    Though regularly overshadowed by vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, specs for the battery-powered Tata Indica Vista EV seem to indicate that it's a worthy competitor. Let's look at those numbers: Tata says the vehicle will offer performance on par with other electric autos: a 0 to ...

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    Report: Tata to double Nano production

    Sales of the pint-sized Tata Nano have increased dramatically in the last couple of months, reportedly convincing Tata to double production of its pocketbook-friendly microcar. In March, the Indian automaker moved 8,707 Nanos, pulling to within a hair of its 9,000-unit sales record posted back ...

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    Tata Indica Vista EV owners share driving impressions with everyone

    In late March, the Tata Indica Vista EV officially started rolling down the assembly lines in the UK. Before that, Michael and Angela Boxwell, owners of a MG ZS, Nissan Cube and a Reva G-Wiz electric car and members of the UK's CABLED trial, headed off to Tata's factory in Coventry to grab a ...

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    D'oh! Electric car gets parking ticket while using public charger

    Meter maids in the UK have come under fire after ticketing an electric car while it was juicing up at a public charger in Conventry. A parking warden spotted an electric Tata that overstayed the three-hour time limit and ticketed the vehicle on the spot. A passerby – actually, a city ...

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    Electric Tata Indica Vista enters production in UK

    Back in September 2008, Tata Motors confirmed that rumors of an electrified Indica Vista were true when the car was unveiled to the media in India. Since then, Tata has made significant progress developing the electric hatch and, even though the Indica Vista EV is regularly overshadowed by ...

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    Report: Tata Pixel microcar concept headed for production

    Tata Motors has reportedly given the Tata Pixel, a microcar concept it just unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the production green light. Tata says the pint-sized Pixel, which measures less than 10-feet long, is the "most package-efficient four-seater in the world." For the sake of ...

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    Geneva 2011: Tata Pixel Concept turns on itself

    Tata Pixel Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tata has revealed its Euro city car concept in Geneva today and it's a trick little piece. First off, Tata says it is the most efficiently-packaged four-seater in the world, comfortably seating four regulation-size adults in a car just ...

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    Genovation Inc. wraps up first development phase for G2 electric car

    Genovation Inc., a Maryland-based designer of electric vehicles, has wrapped up the first phase of development for its battery-powered car; the G2. This phase included the completion of design elements, performance and crash simulations, fluid dynamics analysis and the construction of two ...

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    Report: Ratan Tata pours $15M into project researching water as fuel

    The lure of extracting hydrogen from water in a somewhat real-time fashion in sufficient quantities to power an automobile has so far been a complete dead-end pursuit. One of the biggest problems is that it takes more energy to release the hydrogen from its water-tight bonds than is actually ...

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    Why, yes, that is a Tata Nano covered in pure gold

    Tata Nano Gold Plus by Titan Industries – Click above for image gallery
    Try to imagine the most basic car on the road, and you'll likely conjure up images of the Tata Nano. The Citroën 2CV of our time, the Nano was conceived as bare-bones, bargain-basement transport for the masses. But ...

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    Report: Tata Nano sales plunge to just 589 units in November

    2011 Tata Nano CX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Tata Nano was such a hot commodity when it entered the Indian market that Tata Motors felt compelled to hold a lottery to determine the first 100,000 customers. A reported 70,000 copies of the $2,500+ econobox have been sold to ...

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    Tata Indica Vista EVX captures two class wins in Brighton to London Future Car Challenge

    The Tata Indica Vista EVX, developed by engineers at the automaker's European Technical Centre, captured two category wins at the inaugural Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Brighton to London Future Car Challenge. The Vista EVX nabbed the top spot in the Economic Small Passenger Electric Vehicle (EV) ...


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