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    Video: Autocar and Top Gear test out the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid

    Autocar gets the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid on track – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe and Top Gear magazine spent a day lapping the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid down straights and over the kerbs, and they both caught the action in moving images. Sutcliffe gives ...

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    TopGear's hybrid debate gets a little off track with Priuses soaring, Insights flying

    It's been reported before that the crew over at TopGear is not exactly environmentally friendly, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. C'mon, there's at least a bit of love for saving the Earth over at TopGear, right? After all, they are suspected of triggering the volcano in Iceland that ...

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    It's Friday: Top Gear to blame for Icelandic volcano eruption

    It seems so obvious in retrospect, doesn't it? Consider the facts. Exhibit A: Top Gear has demonstrated a penchant for visiting the faraway reaches of Iceland for some of their memorable television stunts and was seen filming in the cold just last week in one of their beloved Toyota trucks. ...

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    Report: Top Gear blamed for motorsports' environmentally unfriendly image

    We realize that Americans have a bit of a reputation for blaming things on others and letting lawyers sort it out. But when it comes to the UK government, we're starting to think that any negative car related finding will be blamed on Top Gear. A governmental report called "Full Speed Ahead: ...

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    Top Gear lads build the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, an ER-EV to answer the Chevy Volt

    Many electric vehicle fans out there are constantly complaining about how long it is taking automakers to bring plug-in vehicles to market. We've had commenters here on this site claiming that they should be able to bring EVs to the street in six months. Apparently even six months is too long for ...

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    Environmentalists treat Jeremy Clarkson's driveway to a steaming pile of manure

    There are many things Top Gear front-man Jeremy Clarkson could be labeled as. Celebrity? Check. Petrolhead? Check. Environmentalist? Um, no. Whenever Clarkson has gotten the chance to get some seat time in what might be construed as an eco-friendly automobile, he always seems to find plenty not ...

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    Top Gear US shows us how to perform a TDI engine swap

    Top Gear US has struck again with their latest installment in the Project Sipster saga, and this one's a doosey. The TG crew is taking an early '80s VW Rabbit diesel apart and replacing the engine and transmission with newer and more powerful units. We're pretty sure that there's plenty more ...

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    Top Gear America's Project Sipster adds 2003 TDI engine to 1981 Rabbit

    Click above and to watch video after the jump
    Project Sipster is now officially underway. This conversion of a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit into a fast and frugal 70-mpg diesel car is Top Gear America's way of saying hello to the revived eco-car mindset. In the latest installment of the series, the ...

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    England beats Germany in smart fortwo football soccer match

    Click on image for high resolution gallery of the two teams
    Car football soccer is one of these silly things some people love to do with their wheels, and it's most assuredly quite a show. Add in the excitement of watching a match between two of the best national teams in Europe, England and ...

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    Clarkson explains himself in written Tesla review, loves hydrogen

    Click above to watch the video
    Just when we thought the whole sordid ordeal was over and done with, Jeremy Clarkson has stirred the pot again, this time in print for his regular column at the Times. We're referring once again to the Top Gear review of the Tesla Roadster, which sparked controversy ...

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    Clarkson finally comments on Tesla review

    Click above to watch the video
    The internet has been abuzz ever since Top Gear aired an episode where the electric Tesla Roadster was put through its paces. At this point, it's probably redundant of us to recap the whole story, but we'll do it really quickly anyway. Jeremy Clarkson's review ...

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    Why'd they push that Tesla into the garage? Top Gear responds

    Click above to watch the video
    The internet was abuzz after Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson performed the British show's first test of the Tesla Roadster. As expected, the video was full of beautiful images and that distinctly British form of humour. Tesla Motors response to Top Gear's review once ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear tests the Honda FCX Clarity

    Click above to watch the video
    Earlier today, we showed you Top Gear's first test of the Tesla Roadster. In that clip, it was alluded to that there would be something later in the same episode that would render the Roadster completely irrelevant. Here it is: the Honda FCX Clarity, which is also ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear finally tests the Tesla Roadster

    Click above to watch the video
    "Say goodbye to dial-up and say hello to broad band motoring!" That's the assessment of of Top Gear's chief wordsmith, Jeremy Clarkson, after testing the Tesla Roadster last night on Top Gear. Clarkson pitted the electric Roadster against the car which provided its ...

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    VIDEO: Ford Fiesta, outruns Corvette, assualts beach, and it's green!

    Here in the US we still have a bit more than a year to wait before we get our hands on the new Ford Fiesta. Not the Brits. Our friends at Top Gear have decided to try out a new road test format with the Fiesta as chief gear-head Jeremy Clarkson takes the wheel. It turns out that Clarkson was far ...

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    Jeremy Clarkson to tackle Tesla Roadster on Top Gear, eventually

    The lead mouth-piece at Top Gear, the incomparable Jeremy Clarkson, has a mixed record when it comes to greener vehicles. He did great with a round trip from London to Edinburgh in an diesel Audi A8, averaging over 33 mpg. However, his more recent encounter with the electric G-Wiz ended less ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: G-Wiz from Top Gear

    Click above for more images of Top Gear's crashed G-WizTop Gear has never been kind to the G-Wiz, that electric Quadricycle that's only available across the pond in Europe. In this video, Jeremy Clarkson - star of the U.K. Top Gear shows - definitively proves that a table is a better, faster and ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear looks at alternative fuels in 1990

    digg_url = ''; As difficult as it may be to believe, interest in alternative fuel vehicles actually pre-dates the launch of AutoblogGreen a little more than two years ago. Another fact that may be tough to swallow is ...

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    VIDEO: The opposite of hypermiling - BMW M3 vs Toyota Prius

    After evaluating supercars to see which could go furthest on a gallon of gasoline, the crew of Top Gear decided to try again. What they apparently set out to do was demonstrate the impact of driving behavior on fuel economy. All hypermiling enthusiasts will gladly expound on how modifying your ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear say "Bah, Humbug!" to hypermiling, finds most efficient supercar

    With the new series of Top Gear having started recently over in England, the team decided that it was again time to look at fuel economy. A few years back, the show made the round trip from London to Edinburgh and back in an Audi A8 TDI on a single tankful of diesel fuel. Now, with fuel prices ...


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