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Venturi Volage

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    Venturi Volage set to launch in 2012

    First unveiled at the Paris Motor Show way back in October of 2008, the Venturi Volage has finally been given a not-so set-in-stone launch date: available sometime in 2012. According to Venturi, development of the Volage is complete. Here's a look at the Volage's finalized specs: its top speed ...

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    Bibendum 2011: Venturi Volage screams fun using Michelin's Active Wheels

    The Venturi Volage is one of those vehicles that you can tell, just from the way it looks, offers some flat-out fun. The problem-slash-cool-part is that the all-electric Volage – on hand at the 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin last week – hides a secret that makes it even ...

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    Prince of Monaco test drives the all-electric Venturi Volage

    As you know, Monaco wants to position itself as one of the leading EV countries in the world. Of course, the country's small size helps keep range anxiety in check. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco enjoyed himself during the Grand Prix de Monaco last weekend when the Venturi Volage was in town. The ...

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    Paris 2008: Venturi Volage revealed!

    As previously promised the wraps have come off the Venturi Volage at the Paris Motor Show. While Michelin may have been a collaborator on the revealed electric GT, one glance leaves no doubt it belongs to the Venturi family. It not only shares the carbon fiber body of its sibling, the ...


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