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White Zombie

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    Report: In which an EV1 rises from the dead as a modified Honda Insight

    Leave it to the builder of an electric vehicle called "White Zombie" to dream up a scenario straight out of a horror movie. In this case, it's an old General Motors EV1 electric vehicle seemingly brought back from the dead in the guise of a first-generation (and nearly carbon copy) Honda Insight ...

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    Video: Killacycle battles Predator head-to-head, new record set

    The weather wasn't cooperative for the EV drag racing faithful at the recent Bookman's Spring Thaw, but with the largest assemblage of top machines and drivers on hand ever, even a little rain and wind couldn't completely get in the way of some battery-powered racing awesomeness. With the action ...

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    Spring Thaw will bring flood of electric racers to Tucson this weekend

    Although it's been a pretty mild winter across most of the U.S., electric racers are planning a serious Spring Thaw celebration down in Tucson, AZ this Saturday. And by serious, we mean multiple NEDRA-record-holder serious. Attendees can expect to see old favorites, such as John Wayland's ...

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    VIDEO: White Zombie sets quarter mile record with new lithium pack at Wayland Invitational V

    John Wayland's White Zombie – Click above to watch video after the jump
    In the 16 years since first electrifying a 1972 Datsun1200, John "Plasma Boy" Wayland has steadily made improvements to his street-legal machine, helping him set drag strip records on a relatively regular basis. This ...

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    Drag racing White Zombie gets some Oregon Public TV love

    There seems to have been a spate of posts here on ABG lately about electric vehicles running down the quarter mile strip. The Killacycle set a world record, the Tesla Roadster pulled down a respectable time and the Dodge EV prototype showed gave the Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger a go. Heck, we ...

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    NY Times writes about the history of electric drag racing

    Sunday's New York Times has an article about the National Electric Drag Racing Association. According to the Times, the organization was founded by John Wayland and Roderick Wilde in 1997 after a few beers and coming up with an important sounding name. In 1999, the National Hot Rod Association ...

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    White Zombie EV Datsun 1200 does 106 mph on the strip

    And here we thought the Tesla Roadster was one fast EV. Go check out White Zombie, a modified 1972 Datsun 1200. The key site to see has a short, 16-second video clip of the White Zombie going 106.250 mph on the 1/4 mile. With a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, this beast could beat a Tesla. The drag ...


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