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Yi Cui

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    Lithium-sulfur and carbon nanowires could increase battery capacity 4X

    It was more than two years ago that we first heard of a potential battery breakthrough developed by Stanford University professor Yi Cui using carbon nanowires. The bundles of nanowires that comprise the battery anode have more room to swell while absorbing lithium ions without cracking, ...

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    Saudis invest in silicon nanowires, trying to bury battery breakthrough?

    All right everyone, it's time to warm up your conspiracy theories. Back in December we reported on a potential breakthrough in battery technology from Stanford University's Professor Yi Cui. Dr. Cui developed a silicon nanowire material for use in battery electrodes. The beauty of the tiny wire ...

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    Stanford researcher claims lithium ion breakthrough

    Stanford University Materials Science Asst. Prof Yi Cui had developed what is claimed to provide a breakthrough in electrical energy storage. Instead of having an anode comprised of a solid mass of silicon and carbon, Cui and his research team have developed one based on a bundle of silicon ...


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