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    Report: A123 wants to access $50 million from Wanxiang

    Think of it as a refi going to the highest bidder. Bankrupt lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems is looking to access a $50 million loan from China-based auto-component maker Wanxiang, which is offering terms at an interest rate that's three percentage points lower than competing bidder ...

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    Report: Fisker asks bankruptcy judge to delay A123 asset transfer to Johnson Controls

    A123 System's bankruptcy created a quite a stir in the plug-in vehicle industry. Now, Fisker is asking the judge that the bankruptcy auction be delayed by a minimum of 30 days so that creditors' value "may be realized through higher and better offers." Fisker is involved in A123 because the ...

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    Electric drive industry responds to A123's bankruptcy, takeover by Johnson Controls

    Something interesting happened after A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy last week: the plug-in vehicle industry circled the wagons. AutoblogGreen received press releases and statements from a variety of electric vehicle (EV) players that, when taken as a whole, seem to indicate this particular ...

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    Official: A123: "no assurance" we won't go bankrupt *UPDATE

    Let's start the day off with some less-than-encouraging news for anyone who's been rooting for A123 Systems: bankruptcy may be just around the corner. In an Securities and Exchange Committee filing yesterday (download or view it here), A123 says it "does not expect to timely pay" the next ...

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    Report: Chinese company's stake in A123 puts U.S. trade secrets at risk, execs say

    Paranoia or well-founded fears? Some U.S. auto executives are expressing concern that the Chinese Wanxiang Group's investment in struggling lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems may put trade secrets at risk. China may get first dibs on lithium-ion battery technology advancements if Wanxiang ...

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    Why Bob Lutz is wrong about A123 Systems' new Chinese investor

    A message to Bob Lutz, former General Motors vice chairman, and proponent of the Chevrolet Volt and Via Motors' plug-in electric vehicles. Regarding your guest column in Forbes lambasting the federal government for granting battery maker A123 Systems a Department of Energy grant and allowing a ...

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    Official: A123 Systems brings in Chinese investor to calm the waters

    If you're lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems and have been through the public image ringer with the Fisker Karma battery pack recalls and an explosion at General Motors' Warren Tech Center, what do you do? After all, getting U.S. Dept. of Energy Grants, rolling out a resilient Nanophosphate ...

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    Report: A123 running perilously low on cash

    According to a report from Reuters, lithium ion battery maker A123 Systems is dangerously low on cash. The company filed a report just before the weekend with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission indicating that it "expects to have approximately four to five months of cash to support its ...

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    Official: A123 says it has a "breakthrough" battery technology in Nanophosphate EXT

    What does "Nanophosphate EXT" sound like to you? If you're David Vieau, the CEO of A123 Systems, releasing a PR statement, it's "a game-changing breakthrough that overcomes one of the key limitations of lead acid, standard lithium ion and other advanced batteries." If you're Vieau talking to the ...

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    Report: A123 Systems will hire 400 new workers despite uncertain future

    A123 Systems may have expressed doubt in its ability to continue as a going concern in a recent financial filing, but that doesn't mean the company has given up. Indeed, due to increases in its power-grid and commercial transportation portfolios, it has announced it will be hiring an additional ...

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    Official: A123 expresses 'doubt' in future, loses main line of credit

    Is electric-vehicle battery maker A123 Systems running out of juice? The Massachusetts-based lithium-ion battery maker said in a May 30 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it expressed "doubt" over being able to continue after recent hiccups that included a loan ...

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    Fisker adds 19 Karmas to battery hose clamp recall list

    In early January, Fisker Automotive said that the majority of the 239 Fisker Karmas that had been recalled had been fixed. Now it's time to put an asterisk on that statement. The problem that caused the recall was this one: Within the high-voltage battery, certain hose clamps may have been ...

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    Report: A123 Systems posts $125 million net loss

    The Detroit News reports lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123 Systems is set to post a net loss of $125 million on revenue of $10.9 million for the first quarter of 2012. Official results will be released later this week. The loss includes $51.6 million tied to replacing battery packs produced at ...

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    Followup: GM battery lab explosion cost could reach $5M

    Last week, a fire broke out at the General Motors Technical Center battery research lab in Warren, Michigan. General Motors has since said the fire was caused by a battery that was being tested under "extreme stress." Engineers were trying to get the pack to fail, which it did, but not to ignite, ...

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    Official: A123's deadline to spend $249 million grant extended through 2014

    Looks like A123 Systems' range has just been extended by a couple of years. A123, the lithium-ion battery-pack maker for companies such as Fisker Automotive and General Motors, has received a two-year extension on its deadline to spend a $249 million grant from the federal government on a ...

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    Report: Fisker may change plans on Delaware production, details Karma troubles

    Fisker Automotive may drop plans to use a Delaware factory to build its upcoming Atlantic sedan and is looking at "other options," Automotive News is reporting, citing an interview with company CEO Tom LaSorda. The company, in an online meeting with owners of the Fisker Karma extended-range ...

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    Official: Fisker Karma involved in new $55m battery replacement program from A123 *UPDATE

    The Fisker Karma was recalled late last year because of improper alignment of the batteries' hose clamps, but that was quickly resolved. Today, A123 Systems – the company that makes the Karma pack – announced a replacement program for "battery modules and packs that may contain ...

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    Official: A123 announces plans to make battery packs for Tata hybrid buses

    A123, the battery company that supplies lithium-ion battery packs for companies such as Fisker Automotive, BMW and General Motors, will produce battery packs for hybrid-electric buses made by Tata Motors, India's biggest automaker. The battery packs will be used in Tata's hybrid city buses ...

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    Drayson Racing presents 850 hp electric racer at Low Carbon Racing Conference

    Last year, Drayson Racing and Lola announced they would partner on an all-electric race car and now, at the 6th MIA International Low Carbon Racing Conference, the very impressive result of their collaboration has been revealed. The Lola-Drayson B12/69EV is an 850-horsepower (640-kW) monster that ...

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    Official: A123 will supply battery packs for BMW hybrids

    Lithium-ion battery-pack maker A123 Systems, whose customers include General Motors, Fisker and ALTe, will make battery packs for two new BMW hybrid vehicles this year. Both vehicles, the 3 Series Sedan and ActiveHybrid 5 hybrids, were unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in ...


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