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    Official: This Labor Day, low gas prices mean more cars on the road [w/video]

    It's not hard to understand, when gas prices go up, Americans sometimes drive less on national holidays. This year, though gas prices are lower than they have been right before Labor Day since 2010, and that means the American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting that the number of people ...

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    Official: AAA finds stop-start could save you $179 a year

    That silence you hear? It's a month's worth of payments on the family car-insurance plan not being spent on an idling engine. That's one way to look at new numbers out from the AAA that say stop-start engine technology will save drivers a solid chunk of change in the form of lower refueling ...

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    AAA says Tesla Model S is the best green car available

    AAA has released its 2014 Green Car Guide (PDF), a 140-page document that discusses what it means to be green, how to be a greener driver, how to shop for green cars, what choices are available and what green cars are on the horizon. Most importantly, the guide evaluates and ranks 83 different ...

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    AAA warns cold weather kills EV range, ignores effect on gas cars

    The AAA sent out a new press release today warning about the effects of extreme temperatures on electric vehicle range. The numbers are kind of astounding: "nearly 60 percent lower in extreme cold and 33 percent lower in extreme heat." Wow, right? Well, sort of. The AAA ran a simulated EV test ...

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    Official: AAA once again calls on feds to slow down E15 implementation

    AAA is continuing its assault against higher ethanol use in the transportation energy, speaking out in support of reducing the renewable fuel mandate for 2014. The organization said that renewable-fuel requirements need to be lowered to avoid the so-called "blend wall" that could drive up gas ...

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    Report: AAA says it's misquoted in E15 back-and-forth from Big Oil

    AAA prides itself on its rapid response time for stranded motorists, but when it comes to taking a position on the brewing ethanol-gasoline blend issue, the group continues to say "wait a minute." In this case, AAA is accusing the American Petroleum Institute (API) of misstating AAA's position on ...

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    Report: AAA brings first fast-charging roadside assistance truck to Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle? Sure. Helpless in Seattle? Not if you're a plug-in vehicle driver with AAA. Washington State's largest city was the recipient of the first Level 3 roadside EV-charging truck from the American Automobile Association, Plug In Cars reports. AAA estimates that the emergency ...

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    Report: Federal court denies trade groups' request to ban E15

    For those keeping score in the battle between advocates and opponents of higher ethanol blends in gasoline (fuels such as E15, which is 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline), chalk one up in the "advocates" column. Earlier this week, a US federal appeals court upheld last year's decision to ...

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    Video: As E15 fight continues, arguments getting stronger and stranger

    The fight over whether corn ethanol in gasoline sold in the US should be increased to E15 – a blend of 15 percent ethanol mixed with 85 percent gasoline – from its current state of E10 (ten percent), has been getting uglier lately, all over the place. The US Environmental Protection ...

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    Official: Obama touts electric vehicles, reveals first car, to AAA

    Okay, so President Barack Obama's first car wasn't exactly of the fuel-sipping variety, but that didn't stop him from pitching advanced powertrains to the country's biggest car club. In an interview with AAA, Obama said alternative-fueled vehicles may have helped double fuel-economy figures ...

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    Official: AAA adds plug-in vehicle charging stations to TripTik map services

    AAA is getting ready for the EV era. After announcing roadside charging assistance for electric vehicles last summer, the company announced today that it is going to add charging station locations to its TripTik services, either online or with an app. It's all part of the brand's history of ...

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    Plug-In 2011: AAA's got a "range anxiety solution" in electric vehicle assistance trucks

    For AAA, the powertrain you have in your car shouldn't affect your roadside assistance. If you're a member and you call for help, AAA wants to help you out. Of course, bringing a can of gasoline to your Nissan Leaf isn't going to do a whole lot, so AAA is taking the first steps to diversify its ...

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    AAA to deploy charger-equipped roadside service vehicles by late summer

    On Friday, AAA told members of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) that it has a fully functioning, charger-equipped roadside service vehicle that's ready to swing into action soon. AAA says that it will officially unveil its charging station on wheels at the Plug-In 2011 ...

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    Tim Hortons reminds Canadians to 'drive green, eh'

    For those of you who hail from Canada or the Northeast United States, Tim Hortons needs no introduction. For the rest of our readers, a very brief history: picture a small-town doughnut shop that, over the last 50 years or so, has morphed into a combination Dunkin' Doughnuts/Starbucks/McDonalds ...

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    AAA: Four million car batteries, 90 million pounds of lead recycled

    Think about the battery sitting idly away under the hood of your car or truck. Since it's made up almost entirely of lead and plastic, pretty much the whole kit n' kaboodle is recyclable. And, fortunately, lead acid car batteries are one of the few items that Americans are actually rather good at ...

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    AAA lists top picks for commuters, fuel sippers take the lead

    Click above for high-res gallery of AAA's Top Commuter Car Picks
    The American Automobile Association of America (AAA) has revealed its top picks in commuter vehicles, with an eyebrow-raising potluck of conveyances from which to choose. Judged on "practicality, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and ...

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    Nissan: AAA could provide roadside electric vehicle charging

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In a lengthy article comparing the long-term costs of the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt on, we find this interesting tidbit:
    [Mark] Perry [Nissan's director of product planning, pictured above] says Nissan also will ...

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    Better World Club aims to out-green the AAA

    When we mention the American Automobile Association (AAA) on ABG, we usually are passing along some bit of data that the auto club has calculated. In April, for example, the AAA said that driving costs had gone up 1.9 cents per mile in the last year. The AAA also provides a lot of gas price ...

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    Sensible AAA recomments not trying "dangerous fuel-saving techniques"

    When drivers set out to hypermile, there is a spectrum of techniques that they can use. These range from the good - don't blast away from a red light and don't speed up then slam on the brakes at the next red - to the risky. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. may be able to use hypermiling tricks like shutting ...

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    AAA: Driving costs increased 1.9 cents per mile in the last year

    Every year, AAA runs a study which they refer to as "Your Driving Costs" which calculates the average costs of owning and operating the five top-selling models in three popular size classes: small, medium and large sedans. This year, the study indicates that the average cost of driving a passenger ...


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