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ab 32

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    Read This: Big Oil says California's cap-and-trade system will raise gas prices

    You try to do a good thing, but someone always has to come around and say there's a down side. In this case, the good thing is AB 32, also known as California's greenhouse gas emission reduction law, and the potential down side is one that could generate a lot of bad publicity. First, some ...

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    Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger: My Hummers are green, yours can be, too

    Former California "Governator" and action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is far from your typical environmental activist. Sure, he championed California's carbon-reducing Assembly Bill 32 and supported alternative fuel vehicles, especially hydrogen-powered one, but we don't know of any other ...

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    California voters tell Proposition 23 to go back to Texas

    The voters of California have, as expected, handed defeat to Proposition 23, the oil-company-backed initiative that would have rolled back Assembly Bill 32, a 2006 law that, among other things, forces the state to turn to cleaner methods of generating energy in order to cut carbon emission ...

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    Haven't you heard? California votes today on stopping the "electric-car mandate"

    "In a way, the low-carbon fuels [standard] is an electric-car mandate. ... It's really an anti-fossil fuel law."
    That's how Valero chief executive Bill Klesse characterized California's Assembly Bill 32, a broad law targeting global warming that, among other things, requires the state's carbon ...


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