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    Report: Two Autolib electric carshare vehicles catch fire in Paris

    The word for fire in French is "feu." We're not sure how to correctly translate "conspiracy theory," so we'll leave that one alone for now. Two Bollore Bluecar electric vehicles that were part of Autolib's carsharing service in Paris caught fire and were destroyed earlier this week, Plug In Cars ...

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    Report: Ohio gas station accidentally sells pure ethanol as gasoline

    The US Department of Energy lists 91 stations in the state of Ohio that dispense an 85-percent ethanol blend (aka E85). Unfortunately, one unlisted station in the Buckeye State took the biofuel a step further earlier this week. The GetGo station in Brunswick, about 25 miles southwest of ...

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    Report: Chevy Volt destroyed in crash with Toyota Camry, nothing catches fire

    One recent accident in upstate New York may have been the ultimate crash test for the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in vehicle. A parked Volt in Geneseo, which is about 35 miles south of Rochester, was totaled (utterly demolished, actually, as you can see in the picture above) when a driver ...

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    Followup: GM downplays effect of battery-pack accident on plug-in sales

    What, we worry? A General Motors executive is downplaying the potential effects of last week's explosion of a prototype battery pack in Michigan on sales of plug-in vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in, saying that high gas prices will continue to fuel sales ...

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    Report: Get off the phone: Cause of fatal G-Wiz crash revealed

    Though exempt from formal crash test standards in most countries, vehicles like the electric, Indian-built Reva – sold in England as the G-Wiz – have occasionally been subjected to informal tests, and the results have raised eyebrows. Years ago, Top Gear subjected a G-Wiz to EuroNCAP ...

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    Estella Warren arrested after going berserk in Toyota Prius

    Estella Warren was named Maxim magazine's "Hottest Woman" back in 2000. However, she'll likely be remembered, at least for awhile, as the former Victoria's Secret model-turned-actress that recently went berserk in a Toyota Prius. The chaos occurred Monday just before midnight. Reports say that ...

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    Smart Car does highway-speed triple roll. Driver unscathed, seeks orphan

    Laboratory crash testing is a great tool to give automakers and the public an idea of how well a vehicle might protect passengers in an accident. However, there can be a huge difference in crash simulations involving dummies with sensors and real world crashes involving real world people. As you ...

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    Hybrids dangerous for accident first responders?

    If you're the first responder to a traffic accident involving a hybrid, does the fact that there are batteries on-board make it more dangerous? Missouri seems to think so and will be putting nearly 1,800 first responders through essential training during the next two months so that they will know ...

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    Worried about an accidental E85 fill-up?

    There are a lot of considerations that go into greening your car. Some folks don’t mind the initial high cost of a hybrid or the work that goes into converting a diesel engine to run on SVO. Others see the rising cost of petroleum-based fuels and look to green technologies as a money saver. ...


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