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    Video: Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt

    Each time is like the first time. That's the challenge – read: opportunity – that Nissan has whenever it brings the all-electric Leaf to a new market. For the EV's South African debut, the local Nissan arm decided that humor would be the best way to teach people about the new car with ...

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    Exclusive: Ram 2500 Power Wagon commercial shoot ends with truck spending night in ocean

    It's pretty by the ocean. So pretty that it feels like 80 percent of all car commercials are filmed on winding coastal roads (another 80 percent are filmed on mountains and another 80 on mysteriously car-free roads elsewhere). It's particularly pretty in Humboldt County, California, which the ...

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    Official: Nissan's new global Leaf TV ad tries to keep it simple

    The latest Nissan global ad for the all-electric Leaf doesn't get lost in translation. The Japanese automaker has put out a 60-second advertising campaign video with the opening line: "What if you could drive the future, today?" Nissan goes on to promote features such as being able to turn on ...

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    Report: Gay-friendly Chevy Volt ad wins GLAAD award

    Tuesday was a good day for the Chevrolet Volt. First, parent company General Motors reported the highest-ever monthly sales for the extended-range plug-in. Then, the model won an award from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for one of its print ads, according to The ...

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    Video: Chevy turns to aliens to pitch Volt in Super Bowl ad

    Just when you thought you'd seen all the Super Bowl ads there were to see, Chevrolet jumps in with a whole new spot for the Chevrolet Volt. The supposed savior of General Motors has been struggling to make sales headway for a number of reasons. GM managed to move a paltry 603 units in January. ...

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    Video: Latest Chevy Volt ads remind us that this car goes both ways

    General Motors' latest pair of Chevrolet Volt commercials reiterate the plug-in's ability to switch between electric-only operation and "range-extended" mode by focusing on a Volt owner's unexpected gas station stop. The clips center on a Volt owner who swings by a gas station for a potty break, ...

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    VIDEO: New Toyota Prius ad channels Vishnu to explain hybrid tech

    Australian Toyota Prius advertisement - Click above to watch the video after the break
    What do you want from me, I've only got two hands?! Wouldn't we all be a bit more productive if we were blessed with another set of upper appendages, complete with opposable thumbs? Toyota apparently thinks so, ...

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    What is 230? GM knows, but isn't saying...

    The graphic above has been appearing all over the place -- television, billboards, elevators, baseball games, even people's shirts. It has a blog, Flickr and Facebook pages, and a YouTube channel. What it doesn't have is an explanation. Ad Age lined up the perps behind the online assets and ...

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    "Misleading" Saab TV biofuel ad yanked in UK

    click for high-res gallery A TV ad for Saab BioPower was yanked off the air in the UK for tying bioethanol to reduced carbon output. According to the UK's Advertising Standards Agency, Saab's "Release Me" commercial (watch it below the fold) incorrectly states that using bioethanol-capable cars ...

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    VIDEO: Old TV commercial for all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV

    GM's EV1 was the star of the popular documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? but the General wasn't the only large automaker to build fully-electric vehicles when California law demanded it. Ford had the Ranger EV and Toyota made an electric version of the RAV4 SUV, called the RAV4 EV. Many ...

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    TV ad for Chevy Volt: environmentalists, let dogs lick you instead of bathing

    Ladies and gentleman, GM has a competitor for the worst ad is the history of ads (I've embedded it below the fold). First, some background, the video background in the ad is apparently taken from a web video someone took of a dog licking a bare foot (also below the fold). You think that would be ...

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    Power of h, Lexus hybrid's new TV ads, don't mention features of hybrids

    I was watching Lost on ABC last night and caught a TV commercial for the Power of h, Lexus hybrid's new ad campaign. The spot actually had nothing to do with hybrids, it (you can watch it for yourself below) was all about missing letters of h, somehow gone from key boards, news papers, etc. The ...

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    Hybrid Malibu TV commercial featuring Mary J. Blige to debut at the Grammys?

    Recently, we told you GM shelved a hybrid Malibu TV ad to air in the Superbowl. MediaPost is reporting that GM will "advertise during the show (Grammys), with commercials - including one starring Mary J. Blige - that tout the Chevy Malibu and GM's "Gas Friendly to Gas Free" campaign." Is that ...

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    Honda's new TV ad features fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity

    Honda recently launched a new green ad campagn called Problem Playground. It just kicked off the second phase with a TV ad that features Honda's hydrogen fuel cell FCX Clarity (which you can watch below the fold). The ad's voiceover is done by Garrison Keillor and goes like this:A hydrogen car with ...

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    Video: GMC's Superbowl ad for Yukon hybrid

    The ad for the hybrid Chevy Malibu did not make it to air but GMC's Yukon hybrid ad did. Like we said Thursday, the Yukon hybrid ad features the 1976 animated short Sisyphus by Marcell Jankovics. The voice over to the animation says the following:Why push? Why change? Why grow? Why dream? Questions ...

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    Malibu, Vue hybrid Superbowl ads might not air because of low inventory

    Super Bowl XLII airs Sunday (Feb. 3) and GM is debating if it should air ads for the Chevrolet Malibu and Saturn Vue hybrids in the iconic event. "The debate we're having is we're not sure we'll have enough inventory [of the new hybrids] on February 3 to warrant running an ad for them during the ...

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    Kia TV ad: Spectra is so fuel efficient, you will forget which side the car the gas tank is on

    Fuel efficiency is becoming more important to cars buyers. Ads are starting to reflect that and the best one I have seen recently is Kia's ad for the Spectra. The commercial's music is just a piano and the folksy voice of Joe Purdy singing "I just can't seem to get it right today." The visuals are ...

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    Video: Toyota's "EV mode" TV commercial

    You might remember a post I wrote about a Toyota TV commercial that prominently featured the EV (electric vehicle) mode button. You can watch that commercial for yourself in the video above. Turning your hybrid into an electric car at will is really an interesting idea. The range on the battery and ...

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    It's Friday: Is Jeep's "Rock Me Gently" ad greenwashing? o|||||||o

    I am not sure I can accuse the Jeep "Rock Me Gently" TV commercial in the video above of greenwashing because it's just so strange. The ad and website implies animals really like Jeep which, you could argue, implies Jeeps are good for the environment. It's also possible Jeep is saying, "we destroy ...

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    Video: Toyota apologizes for Prius ad after it appears on Digg

    digg_url = ''; Recently, we wrote about a Prius ad that took a shot at Fresno, California. Other blogs wrote about the ad, which only aired on the East coast but did make it to Digg's front page. Residents of Fresno seem to think ...


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