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advanced vehicles

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    Read This: How private passenger cars are the landline phones of the future

    Passenger might one day go the way of landline telephones. Everyone was dependent upon them until, somehow, mobile phones became ubiquitous and landlines began fading away. Maurie Cohen, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Environment Science at the New Jersey Institute of ...

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    XP Technology sues DOE over advanced vehicle loan rejection

    The US Department of Energy has been sued in US court by a company that it denied a loan to in its Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. San Francisco-based XP Technology is charging the DOE with "corruption and negligence" for the way it handled the approval for loan process. XP ...

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    Mars landing has something for fans of space and advanced vehicle technologies

    Last night, Sunday, August 5, at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, lots of people hugged and held their arms high to celebrate a ballsy, historic achievement in space travel. Ten years after the project was launched, NASA's huge Curiosity rover touched down safely on Mars, and the ...

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    Obama issues Presidential Memorandum for federal fleet performance

    Yesterday, along with announcing his administration would buy over 100 plug-in vehicles, Barack Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum outlining federal fleet performance. More specifically, the Memorandum details exactly how the government's fleet of 600,000 vehicles will be altered to ...


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