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air pollution

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    Study: WHO links air pollution to 1 in every 8 deaths around the world

    Just how bad is the air we're breathing? Bad enough that one in every eight deaths has a direct tie to pollutants in the air, according to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of those are attributable to indoor air pollution, mostly caused by indoor smoke breathed in by the ...

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    Report: Iran starts National Hybrid Car Project to hybridize Runna

    Iran is getting ready to follow China's moves and try to reduce air pollution by bringing in more alterantive powertrain vehicles. As Iran's largest automaker, Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) will contribute to that goal by introducing the Runna plug-in hybrid car. Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. (IPCO) ...

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    Report: Kandi EV vending machine is carsharing for $3.25 an hour in China

    China's cities are blanketed by toxic haze with air pollution that can shut down places like Beijing. Of course, there are many citizens who want to move from a scooter to a car, but that could create more pollution. In steps carsharing, and an idea from Kandi Technologies Group that its small ...

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    Report: Beijing shuts down highways, airport in fight against smog

    The Chinese government is desperately trying a variety of methods to reduce its capital city's heavy layers of air pollution. Pollution taxes, urging residents to stay indoors, government support for EVs and limited license plate registrations have all been used. This month, things have gotten ...

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    Study: Diesel particulates, other air pollutants linked to autism in children

    Our economy runs on diesel. It's burned in the road-going rigs that bring us everything from potatoes to potpourris. If it's on a store shelf, it likely arrived by oil-burning truck. Increasingly, diesel engines are also finding a home in our passenger cars, migrating from Europe, where they've ...

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    Study: Exposure to smog while pregnant increases chance of childhood cancer

    There's more scientific research on the hazardous impacts of air pollution. Researchers at the Universirty of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health have found that living near traffic pollution during pregnancy and the first year of life might increase the likelihood of developing ...

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    Report: Beijing scrapping dirty, old clunkers to reduce "heavily polluted" air

    Air pollution in China's capital city is reaching sobering levels. The World Health Organization warns that levels for fine airborne particulates that pose the greatest health risks should go no higher than 25 for 24-hour exposure on the PM2.5 scale. On January 22, the official Beijing government ...

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    Official: EU: European countries must reduce diesel emissions

    Europeans drive a lot of diesel-powered vehicles. This is intentional. Since diesel is inherently more efficient than gasoline, many European countries give tax advantages to diesel fuel. In response, automakers in Europe offer several small diesel vehicles with high-torque engines, offering high ...

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    Study: Traffic pollution exposure linked to autism in young children

    Living close to highways has built-in health hazards. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma and carbon monoxide poisoning are two major public health problems caused by air pollution. Now, autism could be added to the list. Exposure to high levels of air pollution ...

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    Two Wheels: Bikestorming says switching over to pedal power is the cool thing to do [w/video]

    " is about creating a systemic, global change on urban mobility for sustainable cities of the 21st century." That's the short mission statement from an artist activist who wants to make bike riding the most popular transportation mode within the next 18 years. Besides cutting ...

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    Study: LA smog has less of a chokehold than years ago, NOAA study says

    If you visited or lived in the Los Angeles area many years ago, you why it was called, unofficially, the City of Smog. In the early 1970s, I attended the LA Zoo with my third grade classmates on one of those given days when the South Coast Air Quality Management District likely issued a smog ...

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    How car-sharers think about their cars: less ownership, more rules

    Will carsharing become a viable solution for American consumers concerned about traffic congestion, air pollution and making hefty car payments? Will it ever be an appealing transportation alternative, as it is in Europe? It depends on who you ask. German carmaker Daimler is promoting car ...

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    Report: EPA waives gas pump vapor recovery rules

    In a move sure to please urban-area gas station owners, the EPA has issued a waiver to its 1994 rule requiring gas pump vapor recovery systems. The devices were required in mostly urban areas to reduce smog-causing vapors from being released into the air during the refueling of vehicles. With ...

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    Study: Need another reason to buy cleaner vehicles? How about a lower risk of heart attacks

    Breathing in traffic fumes can trigger a heart attack up to six hours after exposure, according to research published by the British Medical Journal. The Journal identified exposure to particulate matter (PM-10) and nitrogen dioxide – both found to be at elevated levels of concentration in ...

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    Study: NOAA finds air pollution plummets by up to 90% when ships switch to low-sulfur fuel

    In 2010, a team of researchers led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mounted instruments on an aircraft and the vessel Atlantis to capture emissions from container ships off California's coast. The team found that as container ships shifted from bottom-of-the-barrel ...

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    EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will force some dirty coal plants to shut down

    Utility companies across the U.S. will shut down and retire aging coal-fired power plants following the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) announcement of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAP). This rule is intended to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide at coal-fired ...

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    Is it really possible to have consumers pick which fuel technologies will win?

    Markets are great – but the true costs of our fuel choices are not reflected in the price There an argument that is often repeated, and sounds pretty logical when you first hear it: we should let consumers pick which fuel technologies win, thus letting the market do its work. President ...

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    Odds of registering a vehicle in Beijing: 23 to 1

    In December of 2010, the city of Beijing, China, announced that it would enforce a measure that restricts vehicle registrations to a mere 240,000, or one-third of the number recorded in 2010. That may sound harsh, but the move is aimed at curbing the city's chronic gridlock and reducing its ...

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    Study: Slashing air pollution could add two years to your life

    Rising levels of roadside air pollution plague major cities across the globe. Over in Europe, fine particulate pollution in the cities of Bucharest, Budapest, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and London – to name a few – has been measured at levels exceeding the United Nations World Health ...

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    Smog in Beijing exceeds measurable levels

    Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China
    On Monday, dense smog blanketed the city of Beijing, China. It was so bad that the hazardous air pollution exceeded measurable levels, forcing Chinese officials to urge residents to stay indoors. Official measurements indicated that the smog was "beyond ...


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