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alternative fuel vehicles

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    Study: Luxury SUVs, non-luxury cars best targets for going green, not so with trucks

    Luxury SUV and non-luxury car shoppers are the most inclined to consider alternative fuel vehicles. Not surprisingly, consumers looking for trucks are the least likely, according to a 2013 study from Phoenix Marketing International (PMI). Fuel-efficient "clean diesel" luxury SUVs from German ...

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    Report: DOE's free alt-fuel station finder app now available

    Not only can you find any public charging and alt-fuel station from a user-friendly source, you can also view it on your iPhone and iPad. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a new mobile app so drivers can find any green fuel you can think of – biodiesel (B20), electricity, ...

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    Hybrid sales up 32% so far this year, could hit 8% of market by 2020

    Hybrid vehicle sales jumped high in the first two months of 2013 – up 32 percent compared with the same period of 2012, according to Autodata Corp. A long-term forecast by Gartner Inc. is even more optimistic – while the market share for US new vehicle sales has grown to four percent ...

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    Diesel group, biodiesel producers come together in fight against natural gas

    The fight to be the most popular fuel for commercial trucks wages on between the natural gas and clean diesel factions, with alt-player biodiesel joining forces with the Diesel Technology Forum team. The National Biodiesel Board joined up with the forum to improve diesel's reputation in ...

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    Study: Automakers thrilled with hydrogen vehicles, consumers still hesitant

    "A lot of auto makers believe the fuel-cell vehicle is just a better performing vehicle and just makes more sense." So says Kevin See, a senior analyst of electric vehicles at Lux Research in Boston, told CNN. It's not a surprising thing to say, but it again shows commitments by automakers to ...

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    Official: DOE funding 20 Clean Cities projects with alt-fuel infrastructure

    The US Department of Energy is funding 20 new projects to support states and local governments in streamlining the infrastructure needed for alternative fuel vehicles to thrive. Working through the DOE's Clean Cities initiative, these projects could help governments and other stakeholders cut red ...

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    If you own a CNG vehicle, how often do you need to schedule oil changes?

    Owning and operating a compressed natural gas-fueled car is an experience closer to having a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle than electric vehicles are to ICEs. Maintaining an EV is mostly about testing battery systems, electric motors and the regenerative brakes. Maintaining a CNG ...

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    Chrysler likes CNG, thinks electrification is better used 'sparingly'

    Why has Chrysler been on the sidelines in the race for an, ahem, electrifying product lineup? The automaker is taking a more wait-and-see approach. As Bob Lee, Chrysler Group LLC's head of engine and electrified propulsion engineering, said during Center for Automotive Research's 2012 Management ...

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    Virginia governor signs executive order calling for state's transition to alternative-fuel vehicles

    In a bold and sort of unexpected move, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has signed an executive order calling for widespread use of natural gas, electric or other alternative-fueled vehicles throughout the Commonwealth. The Virginia Office of Fleet Management Services, which oversees ...

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    UPS fleet of alternative fuel vehicles clocks over 200 million miles

    On Thursday, package delivery company United Parcel Service (UPS) released its annual Sustainability Report (PDF). The exhaustive 107-page report shows that significant progress has been made in UPS' efforts to use technology that minimizes miles driven and reduce total fuel consumption. Crucial ...

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    California Energy Commission launches alt-fuel vehicle website Drive

    The California Energy Commission (CEC) has launched Drive – a website designed to educate industry professionals, fleet managers and consumers about greener transportation choices for the 21st century. The Drive site details a wide swath of transportation projects, from producing renewable ...

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    Obama issues Presidential Memorandum for federal fleet performance

    Yesterday, along with announcing his administration would buy over 100 plug-in vehicles, Barack Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum outlining federal fleet performance. More specifically, the Memorandum details exactly how the government's fleet of 600,000 vehicles will be altered to ...

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    GM may be making announcements about alternative fuel programs at LA Auto show

    General Motors chairman Rick Wagoner will be making a speech this Wednesday at the Los Angeles auto show and is expected to make some announcements about upcoming alternative fuel vehicles the company is working on. Apparently Wagoner isn't expected to discuss details or unveil actual vehicles, but ...


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