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american coalition for ethanol

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    Report: Ethanol advocates poke fun at Big Oil with "Century of Subsidies" party

    No one would mistake a bunch of ethanol advocates for the folks at Second City, but we give the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) credit for injecting a little humor into their political statements. In this case, the two groups are using the ...

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    Trains transporting ethanol could bottleneck in Chicago

     It's no secret that there are ethanol plants all over the country, as we've had lots of stories about plants being built in Louisiana and Oregon and the 101 plants currently producing the fuel. We've also written about how this increase in ethanol production is causing dramatic increases in ...

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    South Dakota Office of Tourism giving away $20 ethanol vouchers

    South Dakota is making it a little bit easier to see Mt. Rushmore or the Corn Palace in a green car. The state office of tourism is mailing out up to 3,000 $20 ethanol vouchers to drivers to spend when they fill up with some sort of ethanol-related fuel in South Dakota. As of today, there are 64 ...


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