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amp electric vehicles

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    Official: Amp will help develop wireless paratransit EVs in Pennsylvania

    Amp Electric Vehicles recently said it'd get out of the business of converting SUVs to run on all-electric powertrains, and would instead focus on converting bigger delivery trucks. Now, Amp has reached an agreement to help develop paratransit vehicles for a Central Pennsylvania transit ...

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    Official: Amp stops conversion SUV plans, shifts focus to electric delivery trucks

    It's a turn in the road for Amp Electric Vehicles. The conversion electric vehicle (EV) company announced this week that it was no longer planning on making or selling EVs based on passenger vehicles like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes-Benz ML. Instead of the SUVs, Amp will now put all of ...

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    Official: Amp gets $7.5 million in private-equity funding from Kodiak Capital

    California dreamin'? Well, for Ohio-based Amp Electric Vehicles, wishes for some much-needed funding came true courtesy of one Golden State private-equity firm. Amp has announced it has received a $7.5 million investment from Orange County, CA-based Kodiak Capital Group. The funds will allow Amp ...

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    Official: Amp delivers first all-electric heavy-duty truck conversion to Navistar

    Earlier this summer, Amp Motors delivered an electric delivery truck to FedEx, but that's not the only large vehicle that the Cincinnati-based conversion company has been working on. Today, Amp said it has delivered its first heavy-duty step van to Navistar, as part of a previously announced ...

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    Official: FedEx getting Amp'd delivery truck, could be first of 9,000

    FedEx has been quite serious about adding electric vehicles to its fleet, saying in 2011 that it would more than double its number EV vehicles. Of course, all that meant was going from 19 to an expected 43, but it's the start of removing some tailpipes. Plus, with overall big green vehicle ...

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    Amp's plan to sell electric Mercedes-Benz in Cayman islands runs into roadblocks

    In March, Amp Electric Vehicles announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding with U-Go Stations Cayman to bring its converted all-electric Mercedes-Benz ML to the Caribbean islands. Turns out, the gas-less powertrain is causing some bureaucratic headaches. In order to allow EVs into the ...

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    Official: Amp electric SUVs qualify for $7,500 tax credit, Jeep Grand Cherokee available for $49,900

    The all-electric SUV conversions from Amp – gas-free versions of the Mercedes-Benz ML and the Jeep Grand Cherokee – now qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit from the IRS. Amp CEO Jim Taylor said in a statement that the announcement couldn't come at a better time. "Given the ...

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    Official: Amp announces deal to sell electric SUVs in the Caribbean

    Amp Electric Vehicles is getting ready for some fun in the sun. The Ohio-based EV conversion company announced today that it has signed a deal with U-Go Stations Cayman to distribute its all-electric SUVs in the Caribbean islands. Amp converts both the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Mercedes-Benz ML ...

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    Official: It's official: Amp bringing all-electric Jeep Grand Cherokee to Detroit

    Surprised at the headline? Neither are we. But still, here's the official word from Amp Electric Vehicles: all-electric conversions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are coming. Amp will start taking orders for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions of the battery-powered Grand Cherokee at the ...

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    Video: Iceland's plug-in vehicle push gets aired with Independent People

    The Icelandic television program Independent People (Sjálfstætt fólk) recently aired a half-hour episode all about charismatic entrepreneur Gísli Gíslason and his efforts to begin to shift the entire fleet of gas-powered vehicles in that country to plug-in ...

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    Detroit: Amp bringing new electric SUV to Detroit, no longer working on Equinox EV

    Amp Electric Vehicles announced today that it will reveal a brand new all-electric SUV at the quick-approaching 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Right after the curtain is pulled back, a running prototype will be part of the Ride & Drive, so we'll be able to take the SUV for a spin in early ...

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    AMP delivers first all-electric Mercedes-Benz ML 350 to Northern Lights Energy

    The vision of an Iceland filled with electric vehicles got a bit more real today in, of al places, Ohio. At a press conference at Amp's facility in Cincinnati, the EV conversion company delivered the first of potentially 1,000 all-electric SUVs to Gisli Gislason, chairman and CEO of Northern ...

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    Amp, NLE definitively agree to bring up to 1,000 electric SUVs to Iceland

    In November, Northern Lights Energy signed a letter of intent to buy 1,000 converted electric SUVs from Amp Electric Vehicles. This was the first big step in NLE's plan to turn Iceland into a country full of electric vehicles and deliveries were supposed to start in early 2011 and continue for ...

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    Amp to immediately kick off "low-rate SUV production"

    In mid-January, Amp Electric Vehicles, an automotive company that converts OEM vehicles over to battery-powered rides, delivered its first electrified Equinox to Dayton Power and Light. Now, there's word that more of them there electrified SUVs will hit U.S. streets soon. Amp's chief executive ...

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    Amp Electric Vehicles gets help from New Motor Advisors

    In mid-January, Amp Electric Vehicles, an automotive firm that converts OEM vehicles over to battery-electric drive, delivered its first electrified Equinox to Dayton Power and Light. With more deliveries scheduled, Amp has turned to New Motor Advisors, a Michigan-based automotive consulting ...

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    Amp Electric Vehicles names former Cadillac, Hummer head as CEO

    Amp Electric Vehicles continues its quest to stand on the shoulders of industry giants with proven track records. In this latest round of hirings, Amp has once again chosen to bolster its staff with top auto execs as it eyes increased production and sales of its vehicles. As Amp president Steve ...

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    Iceland's Northern Lights Energy places order for 1,000 Amp electric SUVs

    Amp Equinox – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in September, we detailed Northern Lights Energy's plans to turn Iceland into a country full of electric vehicles. In the past, NLE has made deals to bring the Reva NXR to the island country but today the project gets a huge shot ...

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    Amp to electrify three Saturn Vues for DTE Energy fleet

    Amp Holdings, a company actively engaged in converting conventional vehicles over to battery-electric drive, has signed a deal to modify three of DTE Energy's gas-burning SUVs. This time around, Amp will tackle a trio of Saturn Vues, ripping out the unnecessary gasoline engine and its associated ...

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    Amp Electric Vehicles adds two senior auto execs as company consultants

    Amp Electric Vehicles has made tremendous strides with its Amp'd Equinox. After our drives at this year's New York Auto Show and during the Automotive X-Prize, we learned that the converted Chevrolet Equinox electric vehicle (EV) displayed some unpleasant traits. But our perception of the vehicle ...

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    Amp Electric Vehicles leads plug-in conversion pack with Equinox EV

    This is a big week for Amp Electric Vehicles, because the fledgling electric vehicle (EV) conversion company is finally delivering its first Amp'd Equinox to a fleet customer. Amp president Steve Burns told AutoblogGreen that the converted Chevrolet Equinox has been much, much improved since we ...


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