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    Official: Nissan e-NV200 electric taxi comes to Amsterdam

    Amsterdam's Taxi Electric liked its two-plus years with an all-Nissan Leaf electric vehicle fleet so much that it just got bigger, or at least with its vehicle choice. The company, which says it's the first private-taxi outfit to boast an all-electric fleet, is going to start adding Nissan ...

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    Video: New Electric builds beautiful battery-powered boats

    Amsterdam is a city of canals and those historic waterways are home to many boats. Many noisy, polluting boats. It could be, though, that by 2020 only electric craft will be allowed to ply these municipal waters, and one company is poised to take full advantage of this happy development. New ...

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    Quick Spin: BMW Cruise e-Bike 2014

    BMW has been making bikes for years, but it wasn't until this week that we took the time to pedal around in one. After all, it's pretty clear that four wheels are more fun than two when it comes to the roundel. But, well, maybe not always. For example, if you're trying to navigate through a dense ...

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    Official: BYD gets Europe's largest-ever e-bus contract, headed to Amsterdam airport

    China-based automaker BYD won a contract from the city of Amsterdam for what the company says will be the largest-ever European fleet of battery-electric buses. BYD will produce 35 buses that will be used at the city's Schiphol Airport to shuttle passengers between terminals and aircraft on the ...

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    Official: Holland's plan to go EV-tastic is working

    Holland has become a bellwether for electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure development. The numbers certainly are not staggering – about 7,500 on the roads throughout the Netherlands – but they did increase eightfold last year and charging posts are showing up in cities ...

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    Report: Hopper launches electric-scooter taxi service in Amsterdam

    The oh-so-carefree city of Amsterdam is making a push for better transportation with fewer emissions by launching an electric-scooter taxi service called Hopper. Customers can order the service via telelphone, smartphone app or, if lucky, hail one down on the streets of the city. Either way, the ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf fast charges through 10 European countries

    Good thing our friends at Green Car Reports read Dutch. We hope. Apparently, three Nissan Leaf electric vehicles tag-team traveled more than 7,700 miles across 10 countries across northern Europe in six weeks as part of an effort to promote Bridgestone's Ecopia Tires. The teams started in ...

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    Official: Car2go bringing 300 electric vehicles to car-sharing in Amsterdam

    How much would you pay to drive an electric vehicle? How about 29 cents a minute? That's the rate that Car2go will charge for its EV car-sharing service in Amsterdam that will kick off by the end of November. For this latest expansion, Daimler will put 300 Smart EDs on the streets with the ...

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    Amsterdam planning for 750 charging stations soon

    Amsterdam's ambitious plan to not have a single internal combustion engine vehicle within the city by 2040 is one step closer to reality now that Dutch energy utility Essent, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RWE AG, has been asked to install at least 125 charging stations by mid-2011 and possibly up ...

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    Ford says Focus Econetic will be Europe's most fuel-efficient compact vehicle

    Here in the States, it's the 40-mile-per-gallon SFE trim on the 2012 Focus that's the fuel efficiency champ of Ford's compact hatchback lineup. However, over in Europe, it's the Focus Econetic. Developed purely with efficiency in mind, Ford says that the Econetic will get an estimated 80 mpg on ...

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    Daimler will bring electric Car2go carsharing service to Amsterdam by end of 2011

    After spending some time with the Car2go program in Austin, TX recently, we came away quite impressed. We also realized that this sort of thing could very easily become the future of big city car "ownership." Now, Daimler has announced an expansion and improvement to Car2go in Amsterdam. Well, ...

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    Ford shows off 67-mpg Focus Econetic ahead of Amsterdam debut

    We may have the 40-mile-per-gallon SFE trim on the 2012 Ford Focus here in the States, but European eco-warriors will soon be able to sink their teeth into the new Focus Econetic, designed purely with efficiency in mind. Ford claims that the Focus Econetic can achieve up to 80 miles per gallon ...

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    What's holding back electric cars in Amsterdam? Bicycles

    There are a lot of hurdles to getting people into electric cars. There's the cheaper price of gasoline, worries about range anxiety, and those cancer fears. Who would've thunk it that another problem is people are too in love with their bicycles? This is the situation in Amsterdam, where decades ...

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    Smart Tipping: Amsterdam villains reportedly pushing fortwos into canals for fun

    Note to Smart Fortwo owners: Don't park your itty-bitty city cars near easily-accessible bodies of water. If you thought the car's errant transmission and its rough-and-tumble shifts were your biggest concern, you've likely never heard of the latest craze sweeping Amsterdam: "Smart Smijten." That's ...

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    Amsterdam gets the first Coulomb EV charging stations in Europe

    The Dutch city of Amsterdam is the first European city to install networked charging stations provided by Coulomb Technologies. The first 45 Chargepoint stations (neé Smartlet) are being installed as part of a two-year demonstration project. Amsterdam plans to have 200 of the Chargepoints by ...

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    Amsterdam wants to be all-electric by 2040

    You might think that Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, couldn't be a more environmentally friendly city. Today, it's a city that has an incredibly high ratio of bike use in Europe and lots of canals, and seems to be almost car-free. In the future, the city wants to go a few steps further. There is an ...


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