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    Official: Tesla looking at Chrome, Android update for Model S; big Supercharger network in Germany

    There's even more to digest from the Elon Musk speech in Germany video that's been making the rounds this week. Our original post mentioned the highlights of an Autobahn performance package for the Tesla Model S and Tesla CEO Musk's distaste for hydrogen fuel cells. Then we took a look at the new ...

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    Official: Renault Zoe EV gets an iPad app, with Android to follow

    Every now and then, there are moments when a certain reporter concludes he should've studied a bit harder during his four years of high school French. This is certainly one of them. French automaker Renault figures it can improve both sales and exposure of its Zoe electric vehicle by appealing to ...

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    Official: Buick's smartphone games simulate fuel-efficient driving in app form

    GM sells Buick smartphone app game that simulates fuel-efficient driving Remember the car-racing video games you played as a kid? Think of this as the opposite. General Motors is looking to raise consumer awareness of the hybrid drivetrains on its Buick LaCrosse and Regal by selling three ...

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    Report: Daimler buys 15% stake in MyTaxi cab-hailing application publisher

    Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler AG has acquired a 15-percent stake in smartphone application publisher MyTaxi, marking the German automaker's continued willingness to invest in transportation-related businesses that don't actually focus on selling vehicles to customers. Bloomberg News reported that ...

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    Nissan releases Leaf app for Android devices * UPDATE

    Well before the December 2010 launch of the Nissan Leaf, well, um, there was already an app for that. That's right, way back in May of 2010, Nissan revealed the Leaf's iPhone app. Many moons later, the automaker has finally released a Leaf app for Android devices. Exactly how many moons have waxed ...

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    Coulomb launches ChargePoint Android app

    Coulomb Technologies has launched its ChargePoint app for Android users. Available to download for free, the ChargePoint app allows plug-in vehicle owners to monitor the real-time status of nearby charging stations and to reserve a plug-in point prior to arrival. Richard Lowenthal, founder of ...

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    Zipcar Android app drops beta tag

    Having been ready for download in the Android market for a while now, Zipcar has officially dropped the beta tag from its Android app v1.0 and made it available to all. The official Zipcar Android App v1.0, which runs on Android OS 2.1 or higher, is now faster and packed with more features than ...

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    Video: How Ford is using Google's Prediction API to increase efficiency

    The other day, we got word that Ford was tapping Google's new Prediction API to provide location and routing services for its fleet of plug-in hybrids and full EVs. Today, Ford's engineers are speaking at the Google I/O developers summit and they've released a video explaining how the ...

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    OnStar taps Google Maps for Chevy Volt navigation

    Back in January, General Motors announced that OnStar would release a smartphone app to be used in conjunction with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. The app allows owners to keep track of charge status, remotely lock and unlock the vehicle, along with providing diagnostic reports and a host of other ...

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    Google Android could soon be powering GM's OnStar, Volt connectivity

    Chris Preuss, CEO of General Motors' OnStar division, recently revealed that the telematics system would be relaunching this summer with a bunch of new functionality courtesy of an unannounced partner. It now looks like that partner may be Google with its Android mobile operating system. Earlier ...


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