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    Revisit 1973's Low Pollution Power Systems Development exhibit with this stylish gallery

    Going into October 1973, the country's Number One song was "We're An American Band" from Flint, MI's own Grand Funk. In nearby Ann Arbor, some folks were putting their own uniquely American spin on the alt-fuel vehicle, and we've got the pictures to prove it. Thanks to a Flickr find by Green Car ...

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    Ann Arbor, MI gets first four hydraulic hybrid recycling trucks

    Ann Arbor hydraulic hybrid recycling truck – Click above for high-res image gallery
    This week, the city of Ann Arbor, MI began deploying four of the first 25 trucks equipped with an Eaton Corporation hydraulic launch assist system. Ann Arbor mayor John Hieftje and Clean Energy Coalition ...

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    Double green car boost for Ann Arbor: Mercedes hiring, Zipcar coming

    Two pieces of good news for green car fans in Ann Arbor, Michigan. First, Mercedes-Benz says it it looking to hire 223 workers at a new research and development center for hybrid technologies there. Don't everyone put an applications in right away, because these jobs will be phased in over 10 ...

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    Michigan grad designs and builds Homeless Utility Vehicle

    Click above for more shots of the Homeless Utility VehicleBefore moving out West, I lived near Detroit -- the car capitol of the United States for sure, but also home to many people without homes. Stephen M. Mills surely noticed this issue as well as he attended the University of Michigan in Ann ...

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    Riding the bus

    In all the time I've been writing for AutoblogGreen I've driven a great many different cars and trucks. Whether it's for ABG, Autoblog or my day job at Green Fuels Forecast, I drive most of these different vehicles to review them on one or more of the sites. From time to time, schedules work out in ...

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    Ann Arbor, MI kicks off 4th annual Curb Your Car Month

    Hey, Seattle's not the only town looking for people willing to dump their cars, at least temporarily. May marks Ann Arbor, Michigan's 4th annual Curb Your Car Month. All month, participants are encouraged to leave their cars at home and choose an alternative such as walking, biking, carpooling or ...

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    Ann Arbor, MI switching entire bus fleet to hybrids

    The city of Ann Arbor, MI is replacing its entire municipal bus fleet over the next two years and all the new buses will be hybrids. The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority will be getting the first fifteen units this fall with the rest of the 69 vehicle fleet being supplanted during 2008 and early ...

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    Ann Arbor moves to ban bottled water sales from city events

    Michigan is known as the Great Lakes State since it borders on four of the five Great Lakes. Much of the state's economy is dependent at least in part on the supply of water from the lakes either to feed industry or tourism. For years that has been concern in the state about large scale bottlers ...

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    ZipCar gaining popularity in Ann Arbor

    Last October the University of Michigan teamed up with ZipCar to offer the car-sharing service for staff and students at the Ann Arbor School. There are currently six cars available at three different campus locations around town and the service has been growing in use ever since. The Ann Arbor ...

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    University of Michigan museum to host public discussion on carbon footprint

    The Exhibit Museum of Natural History at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is holding a series of public discussions on environmental issues. The meetings include scientists from the University and are free of charge.The first two meetings cover The Climate WILL Change: Now What? and Ideas ...

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    ZipCar comes to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

    The fast growing car sharing/short term rental service ZipCar is starting up their service in Ann Arbor, MI on November 1. The company will be making six vehicles available from three different locations on the University of Michigan central campus, north campus and medical campus. The company is ...


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