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    Official: Chevrolet supports IdleAir to curb emissions from big trucks at rest

    Chevrolet is ready to introduce the coolest thing to happen to big-rig trucking since the days of "Convoy" and "BJ and the Bear." The General Motors division is pitching a product called IdleAir, a system that the automaker says can let truckers maintain enough rest-stop power to run a ...

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    Anti-idle technology could be huge savings for police forces

    Dodge Charger police car – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Let's face it, for most police cruisers it's a hurry up and wait kind of existence. A study by the police in Ottawa, Canada found that most cruisers sit with the engine idling for about 6.7 hours out of every 10-hour shift. ...

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    Idling vs. shutting the engine down: how many seconds make a difference?

    It's easy to calculate that a car with the engine running but not moving is getting zero mpg. New technologies allow some cars to take control of the on/off switch from the driver when stopped. Whatever their name - stop-start, micro hybrid - automatic systems that shut down a vehicle's engine when ...


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