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    Official: Seattle votes against app-based ridesharing companies like Lyft, Uber [UPDATE]

    Lyft, Uber and other peer-to-peer ride-sharing start-ups are looking pretty hapless in Seattle. That's because the Emerald City is imposing driver limits on each service in a move that the companies say is geared to protect legacy taxicab companies, Techcrunch reports. In short, the city council ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S headed to Vukee carsharing in San Francisco

    The San Francisco bay area continues to expand as a carsharing hub, and the latest addition is going to attract some attention. Vukee, a Palo Alto, CA-based company, is introducing the Tesla Model S to carsharers in that market as a way to stand out from larger carsharing providers like Zipcar ...

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    Report: VW XL1 gets augmented reality repair app

    With a pricetag of about $150,000, buyers of the upcoming, limited-edition Volkswagen XL1 will probably wish that the repair bills be "virtual" as well, but VW's new "augmented reality" feature will only apply to the repairs themselves, at least for now. Europe's biggest automaker, which is ...

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    Official: Ford's deadline for gas-saving app contest is this week [w/video]

    Write some code to save some folks some gas, and you might save about a quarter-century's worth, courtesy of Ford. The US automaker is getting closer to awarding its $50,000 prize for the Ford Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge, with the deadline for applicants coming up today. The ...

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    Official: Renault Zoe EV gets an iPad app, with Android to follow

    Every now and then, there are moments when a certain reporter concludes he should've studied a bit harder during his four years of high school French. This is certainly one of them. French automaker Renault figures it can improve both sales and exposure of its Zoe electric vehicle by appealing to ...

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    Official: Tesla Google Glass app can update charging info, find your car [w/video]

    Today's version of future shock is brought to you buy a San Jose-based app developer that's making a Tesla app for the Google Glass "wearable computer" product that's in the works. Sahas Katta's Glass Tesla lets the Tesla Model S owner remotely control the car's climate, lock and unlock the ...

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    Official: Fuel Economy Coach wins efficiency prize in DOE's Apps for Vehicles Challenge

    Don't tell anyone who's focused on reducing distracted driving, but the US Department of Energy (DOE) recently held a Fuel Efficiency Innovation apps contest. So, while the winner might not do much for keeping eyes away from smartphones while driving, it might save some gas. This week, the DOE ...

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    Report: Ford scion invests in Masabi, makers of public transportation ticket app

    If you've ever wanted to joke about something that would make Henry Ford roll over in his grave, this could be the time. The automaker's founder's great-grandson appears to be staking some of his financial future on train tickets. In this case, Bill Ford, Jr. and his venture-capital firm ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles releases app for electric bikes in iOS, Android flavors

    Now this is way cool. Not only are the 2013 Zero Motorcycles starting to trickle out of the factory, but the company has also just released an app in both iOS and Android flavors to pair up with any of its new electric bikes. In late-night infomercial terms, this thing chops, slices, dices, deep ...

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    Official: MyFord Mobile app now directs C-Max and Fusion Energi drivers to nearest chargers

    Drivers of Ford's plug-in hybrids, the C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi, can now navigate to charging stations through their smartphones. The changes come through an update to the MyFord Mobile app and web portal powered by PlugShare and allows Ford to now claim it is, "the only manufacturer to ...

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    Breaking: Chargepoint's new smartphone app can see "all" EV charging stations in US

    ChargePoint, a leading supplier of US charging station networks, has introduced its New Electric Vehicle Charging Station Mobile Application for iPhone and Android smart phones. It's the company's newest ChargePoint EV charging station app with a redesigned look, offering users information on ...

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    Report: LeafLink a more functional remote-charging smartphone app for Nissan Leaf

    If Nissan wasn't going to figure out how to create a remote-charging app for owners of Leaf electric vehicles, someone else was sure to do it. In this case, the result is a free, third-party app called LeafLink. While Nissan's official Carwings app lets folks set charging times from inside the ...

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    Official: SideCar puts car sharing, hitchhiking, personal taxis into new app

    How many ride shares does it take to emerge from beta testing? If you're the San Francisco-based company SideCar, then it's somewhere north of 10,000. That's how many rides around the Bay Area that SideCar has helped organize since kicking off in the middle of February. The peer-to-peer car ...

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    GreenCharge app syncs with your plug-in, makes your gasser friends jealous [w/video]

    Today's early-adopter owners of plug-in vehicles are known to have a tendency to geek out on data related to their low-carbon rides and now there's a new app that helps them get even geekier. And share the results. GreenCharge by Xatori – the same folks behind the popular PlugShare app ...

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    Video: Ford teasing 2013 Fusion with new interactive app

    Ford is gearing up to unveil the 2013 Fusion at the Detroit Auto Show, and the hype machine starts with a new app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. After downloading the app, you can point the device's camera at any Ford logo – be it on a car or a screen – and it opens to ...

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    Recargo launches updated charger locator app

    Recargo – a plug-in vehicle mobile application developer – has launched its upgraded charging station locator app; Recargo 1.5. Enhancements include a real-time comments section – crowd-sourced from drivers across the U.S. – and photo sharing. According to Recargo, the ...

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    PlugShare is a free social-networking EV-charging app [w/VIDEO]

    PlugShare, a phone app for EV charging – Click above to watch video
    Range anxiety sufferers rejoice! If you've ever worried about running out of juice in your electric vehicle (EV) or are perhaps putting off even buying an all-electric because of the nascent state of the charging ...

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    Smart drive iPhone app and $300 installation kit now available

    Smart has officially released its new drive iPhone app into the wild. For the low price of $9.99 in the US ($11.99 in the EU), Fortwo owners can take advantage of tricks like an integrated Bing search, hands-free calling and streaming audio from over 10,000 internet radio stations. The app also ...


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