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    Applus iShare carsharing concept EV loves barcodes

    Like the Volar-E and E-Born3 concepts before it, the new iShare EV from Applus IDIADA makes you stop and look twice. Looking like the strange child of a Smart Fortwo and a flat-nose semi tractor, the iShare is a purpose-designed little car (technically, a heavy quadricycle) that Applus has ...

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    New Applus Volar-E is an electric supercar with Rimac roots, courts controversy [w/video]

    A new electric supercar is born. Sort of. Mostly. Applus Idiada recently lifted the sheet from the very slick all-electric Volar-E at the Circuit de Catalunya to reveal a vehicle that has the fingerprints of Rimac Automobili all over it. Indeed, it appears to be the exact same unit that the ...

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    SAE Congress: Applus Idiada E-Born3 electric vehicle concept model

    Kept under a glass case like a ship in a bottle, the E-Born3 from Applus Idiada at the 2012 SAE World Congress was never meant to roam free. Instead, this clever concept exists mostly to show off the engineering and design skills that Idiada can offer to automakers. But, hidden in the protective ...


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